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Organic vs Natural

by Randy Shannon

I love to grocery shop.  It's one of my favorite weekly duties!  I try to stick to the outside of the store as much as possible eating fresh vegetables and fruit, fresh meats and dairy.  One thing I've never really understood before was the labeling of some items as organic and others as natural.  What's the difference?  Is anything really special about those products, or do they just cost more?  Apparently, it matters a lot.  The folks at Stoneyfield.com have written an article that lays it out very plainly. 

For example: 

The first thing you should understand is that, except for meat, "natural" doesn't have a set, strictly defined or regulated definition, while "organic" does. 

There is also a great chart with differences at a glance.  So, if things like Antibiotics, growth hormones, Animal welfare are important to what you put in your mouth, check out the rest of the article here.