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  • Redneck ferris wheel.

    Posted by David Burns

    By the way all this fun while he is taking a dump...lucky kid! By the way, who would actually tape this too?

  • Beatles tape surfaces.

    Posted by David Burns


    It turns out that "one-of-a-kind" tape of a 1966 Beatles press conference in Toronto is not the only copy. The Dallas affiliate of NBC says journalist Larry Roberts was there, and it was he who asked John Lennon the question about the Beatle's statement that the band was bigger than Jesus. Larry says his tape has been sitting in a closet for years, so he was very surprised when Bonhams & Butterfields announced this week that it was auctioning off what it claimed was the only existing tape of that press conference. The auction house says the tape will bring in upwards of 20,000-dollars. Well, maybe not now since it's clearly not the only copy!
  • Miley dirty dancin'...all grown up?

    Posted by David Burns

    MILEY DIRTY DANCING VIDEO SURFACES! Remember that embarrassing Miley Cyrus video we wrote about yesterday? You know, the one where she was dirty dancing with director Adam Shankman? Well, TMZ got a hold of it and posted it on the web yesterday. Click here to see.

  • Michael Jackson begging for cash...sad...

    Posted by David Burns


    The Sun has gotten a hold of voicemail messages left to a woman by Michael Jackson, in which the King of Pop complains about his financial troubles. The messages were made to an anonymous friend who handed them over to journalist Daphne Barak. In the tapes, Jackson sounds desperate for money, and worried about his personal security. He also reveals concerns over someone who he believed was involved with the Italian mafia. Click here to listen to the messages.

  • Babies trailer

    Posted by David Burns

    I would think this will be a very interesting movie...