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  • Geez Jesse not you too or three or four?

    Posted by David Burns


    You knew it was only a matter of time…Star magazine has an interview with a new woman who claims she too had an affair with Sandra Bullock's hubby Jesse James. A blonde stripper named Melissa Smith tells the tab that she had a two-year relationship with the Monster Garage host, which included unprotected sex, kinky requests and sex on his office couch. Smith claims the relationship began in September 2006, one year after James married Bullock. Smith contacted James online, and then he reached out to her via her MySpace page after he spotted an online picture of Smith posing in front of a car at a West Coast Choppers party. "I got a message from this guy saying, 'Nice car…that's my godfather's.' After a few exchanges he introduced himself as Jesse James and gave me his email address with the name Vanilla Gorilla," said Smith. She then met him at his office in California, after Jesse promised her a ride in one of his cars, but he gave her a different kind of ride instead. After some small talk, Smith said she tried to leave, but James stopped her. "(He) moved his chair close to me and started rubbing my leg," she said. "We ended up having sex on the couch." And just like his first mistress, Michelle McGee, Smith has a checkered past. TMZ reports that she was arrested twice in the past year, once for beating up a cop and resisting arrest (she served 20 days in a California jail) and once for DUI, for which she pled not guilty just two days ago.