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  • Note to hot Hooters ball girl,the ball is in play!

    Posted by David Burns

    During a Phillies spring training match in Florida, a Hooters girl jumped up to steal a live ball and throw it into the crowd.

    The ball rolled toward the platinum blonde ball woman and she leaped into action in her orange mini shorts and big yellow sunglasses.

    Smiling, she turned with the ball held up in the air and tossed it to a little boy, with no idea that she interfered with the play.

    After seeing the reaction around her, she realized her mistake and covered her face with a baseball glove.

    The role of ball girl usually goes to women are selected after tryouts that include testing of their softball skills, interpersonal skills and baseball knowledge.



  • Beer cart Friday's!

    Posted by David Burns

    A Florida Healthcare company has introduced Beer Cart Fridays.

    A cart carrying brews hits all the cubes around the office, offering one free beer to workers on the company's tab.

    They've grown over the years from 5 employees to 250, and are known for other "fun", in-office activities, from Halloween costume contests to paid days off for their birthdays and BBQ's on the clock.



  • Guy get's Netflix tattoo get's year of Netflix free!

    Posted by David Burns

    Guy gets a Netflix tattoo, gets a year of Netflix free

    It’s been years since the dot com tattoo bubble, where people were getting brands tattoos on their bodies for all kinds of consolation prizes. So this guy gets a Netflix tattoo, tweeted a picture of it and Netflix gives him a free year of Netflix. Easy peasy.

    Netflix tweeted me retweeted my Tattoo and gave me a free year tonight there is noway you can’t believe in Netflix gang now it’s a movement 

    @netflix I’m so excited I love Netflix can I get a follow back also 

    There is so many strangers in my mentions about this Netflix stuff lol they don’t understand the life 

    @netflix follow me back pleaseeee 

    huff post said they want to do a story!!!!!!!!! 

    i just got asked to do a story on web cam i dont think i have a web came here 

    who has a web cam?


  • Mind blowing facts about Floyd's "Dark Side" on 40th anniversary.

    Posted by David Burns

    1. The original prism cover--The band members spent three minutes deciding on the front cover. Designer Storm Thorgerson brought seven designs. The band looked at the designs, looked at each other, nodded, and said, "that one", as they pointed at the prism.

    The prism was partly inspired by Floyd's live light shows.

    2. "Money" was influenced by Booker T and the MGs. The basis of the song is a blues progression written by Roger Waters, but David Gilmour said he brought an R&B influence to the song's instrumental breaks. He said: "I was a big Booker T fan. I had the Green Onions album when I was a teenager. And in my previous band, we played ‘Green Onions' onstage. It was something I thought we could incorporate into our sound without anyone spotting where the influence had come from. And to me, it worked. Nice white English architecture students getting funky is a bit of an odd thought."

    3. "Breathe" came from a song of the same name that Roger Waters wrote for the soundtrack of a documentary called "The Body". But Waters' two "Breathe" songs don't share much besides a title and an opening line.

    4. At the very end of "Eclipse," in the right channel, there is a faint sound of a Muzak version of the Beatles' "Ticket to Ride." It was apparently playing in the background when they recorded the closing snippet of chatter. The Fab Four never demanded any royalties.

    5. Session vocalist Clare Torry demanded—and got—royalties and co-writing credit for "The Great Gig in the Sky," more than 30 years after it was recorded. Originally she'd only been paid a few dollars for her brief studio session. But over the years she felt her contributions were worth a lot more. Torry's main direction for the song: sing for several minutes, and don't sing any words.

    6. "Dark Side" still holds the record for the most number of weeks spent on the Billboard top 200. The album spent a record 591 consecutive weeks on the Billboard Top 200 chart between 1976 and 1988. Counting the time it spent there before and since, it totaled out at 741 weeks, beating former record-holder "Johnny's Greatest Hits" by Johnny Mathis. Eventually Billboard changed the rules so that albums automatically reverted to the catalog chart and not the current chart if they dropped off for a period of time.

    7. Roger Waters said he was under pressure to let David Gilmour do most or all of the singing on Dark Side. He said: "My memory is David and Rick were at great pains to point out how I couldn't sing and how I was tone-deaf. And there's this bollocks that Rick had to tune my bass. And you only have to look at the body of work to realize that this is not the case. Maybe their way of keeping me from being totally overwhelming was to point out that I might have vocal and instrumental inadequacies."

    8. Neither of the band's two frontmen consider Dark Side their best album. Roger Waters said "The Wall" is "a much more important work." For Gilmour, it's "Wish You Were Here".

    9. The album has had a few full-length cover versions. Phish and Dream Theater are among the bands who've covered the album in its entirety in concert, and the Flaming Lips released a studio version of their take on the album. There have been bluegrass, a cappella, and string-quartet album versions, not to mention the famous reggae-version, "Dub Side of the Moon."

    10. The album won one whole Grammy award, for best-engineered recording.


  • Vince Neil rushed to the hospital!

    Posted by David Burns

    Mötley Crüe was forced to play an abbreviated set over the weekend in Australia when Vince Neil had to be rushed to the hospital.

    According to the band's manager, Vince "has been having problems for the last few days with kidney stones."

    The group is scheduled to play in Brisbane tomorrow (Tuesday) and so far ... that show is going forward as planned.


    Source 2

  • Denny Hamlin refuses to pay NASCAR fine.

    Posted by David Burns

    Denny Hamlin was fined $25,000 by NASCAR but says he won't pay it. 

    He was fined for his "disparaging remarks" about the new Sprint Cup car following Sunday's race at Phoenix International Raceway.

    Hamlin said his comments were the truth, and he won't pay the fine even if they suspend him. 

    He could either be suspended, or, the fine could be deducted from his winnings. 



  • Tips for finding love at Walmart.

    Posted by David Burns


    For those trying to find Mr. Right at Walmart?   Here are some tips:

    1. The Store Entrance
    Guys are always willing to help a damsel in distress. Look helpless while walking out to your car while your arms are full of groceries. Shouldn't take long until a cute guy with strong manly arms comes to your rescue.

    2. The Hair Salon
    Hairdressers love to gossip and might know where the cute single guys are.

    3. The Card Department
    Because you can find out instantly if they are take or single. While you're looking at the cards slide up beside them and ask him, "Do you have a girlfriend? Would she think this is a cheesy card?" Hopefully, the answer is no. Otherwise, it may be time to head to the Home department.

    4.The Home Department
    Ask the cute guy walking by to help you carry that new dresser or coffee table you're going to buy up to the front registers.

    5. The Electronics Department
    Guys love talking electronics and movies. You never know you may share an unbridled passion for really crappy, D-list movies!

    6. The Grocery
    Guys love food! Swap recipes and who knows you may end up swapping numbers.

    7. The Pet Department
    Take a look down the dog isle and take note of what other dog lovers are shopping alongside you. Approach and have questions ready about treats, toys and food. If all goes well you can suggest a doggy play date, which is really, a badly disguised date for the two of you.

    8. The Patio & Garden Department
    This is the part of the megastore you'll want to visit. At any given time of day, this department is swarming with guys. So let love bloom.

    9, The Checkout
    Find a line with an attractive guy and strike up conversation while waiting to pay for your stuff.

    10. The Parking Lot (Or Anywhere Else in Walmart)
    If all else fails drop a bunch of stuff on your way to the parking lot. The only catch is to be strategic in your drop and make sure it just happens to fall at a cute guy's feet next to you. The more you drop, the more gentlemanly guys will likely drop to their knees to help you pick things up, meaning more chances to connect.



  • Justin Timberlake host's SNL again this weekend.

    Posted by David Burns

    Justin Timberlake is back on "Saturday Night Live" this weekend as both host and musical guest for the third time. There are new details about what fans can expect on the show.

    Justin will join "The Five-Timers Club" of people who have hosted five times or more. He's already won four Emmys for his appearances on the show, twice for musical performances and twice for acting.

    Timberlake's two most recent "SNL" Emmys came for both hosting and writing the opening monologue for his 2011 appearance. Of course, his most famous Emmy from the show was in 2007, which came for his collaboration with Andy Samberg and The Lonely Island comedy troupe for their Digital Short, "D--k in a Box."

    As for this weekend, Samberg's and Timberlake's characters will be back!

    And Justin posted a black and white Instagram photo of himself  holding one of his cue cards from taping the promos.

    Justin's "The 20/20 Experience" drops March 19th.


  • Female Transgender MMA fighter being investigated.

    Posted by David Burns

    A female transgender mixed martial arts fighter is now under investigation by the Florida State Boxing Commission.

    Fallon Fox underwent gender reassignment surgery in 2006 along with the supplemental hormonal therapy. The 37-year-old Fox is licensed to fight women but on the license it didn't mention the surgery.   

    On Saturday, Fox knocked out a woman in 39 seconds at a fight and holds an undefeated 5-0 record with all five wins coming in the first round.



  • Linkin Park Record Store Day release.

    Posted by David Burns

    Linkin Park will be celebrating Record Story Day with a special limited edition version of their debut album packed with bonus materials.

    The band will be releasing 3,000 copies of their debut album "Hybrid Theory" as a single disc vinyl LP that will also include a two song 10" EP, a exclusive poster and sticker.

    The bonus 10" EP contains the tracks "One Step Closer" and "My December". This pressing will also contain long out of print poster and original street team sticker re-productions.

    Record Store Day will take place at participating independent record stores across the U.S. on April 20th.