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  • Are you dating a Cat or a Dog?

    Posted by Charli McKenzie


    Check out the idea of considering romance from the perspective of a cat or a dog.

    If you're dating a "cat," their idea of romance is the thought behind the act.

    A cat person feels that romance proves that you were thinking of him or her before you walked into the room, so they get all warm and fuzzy inside when you bring home flowers, make dinner reservations or send a thoughtful card.

    If you're dating a "dog," then their idea of romance is being told that he/she is a "good dog."

    “Dogs” feel loved and more open to intimacy when you praise them for their accomplishments or express how much you appreciate them.

    The potential conflict of not dating the same animal as yourself comes from dogs not thinking about things or people in advance and from cats not showing appreciation for their “dog” partners.


  • Kill these in your yard..FOR GOOD!

    Posted by Charli McKenzie

    Dandelion Season ==>> NON-toxic Weed Killer Recipe  ==>> Good to use in yards with Pets & Children roaming around

1/2 gallon of Apple Cider Vinegar 
1/4 c table salt 
1/2 tsp Dawn liquid dish soap 

Mix above ingredients in a spray bottle.
 Spray weeds thoroughly. 

1/2 gallon for around $6.40 
Works better than Round Up - kills weeds on 1st application. 

The Dawn dish soap strips the weed of its protective oils so the vinegar can work with deadly force. Safe to use a yard used by pets


    1/2 gallon of Apple Cider Vinegar 
    1/4 c table salt 
    1/2 tsp Dawn liquid dish soap

    Mix above ingredients in a spray bottle.
    Spray weeds thoroughly.

    1/2 gallon for around $6.40 
    Works better than Round Up - kills weeds on 1st application.

    The Dawn dish soap strips the weed of its protective oils so the vinegar can work with deadly force. Safe to use a yard used by pets

    Im trying it immediately!!!


  • Celebrities Real Names.....

    Posted by Charli McKenzie

    A list of celebrities who go by their fake names has been released and you might be surprised to hear the birth names of some of your favorite stars.


    • Allen Konigsberg changed his name to Woody Allen
    • Nicolas Cage is actually Nicolas Coppola.

    • You might know Vincent Damon Furnier better by his stage name Alice Cooper.
    • Whoopi Goldberg was born as Caryn Johnson.
    • Terry Jean Bollete is the man known as Hulk Hogan

    • Lawrence Harvey Zeigler just doesn’t have the same ring to it as Larry King.
    • You might think Chuck Norris was incapable of being named anything else, but he was born as Carlos Ray.

    • Gordon Sumner thought he felt more like a Sting

    • Destiny Hope Cyrus might sound more fake than real, but that is the actually birth name of Miley Cyrus.

    • Alan Alda simplified things when he changed his name from Alphonso D’Abruzzo
    • Movie star Jodie Foster was born with the moniker Alicia Christian Foster.

    • Ever wonder why Steven Tyler’s daughter Chelsea has the last name Tallarico? Because the Aerosmith rockstar was actually born Steven Victor Tallarico.
    • Joaquin Phoenix was born with a much more normal name:Joaquin Rafael Bottom.
    • Mark Vincent must have thought that Vin Diesel was a more action star name.

    • Bruce Willis’ real name is actually Walter!

  • Guys..How to Buy Lingerie

    Posted by Charli McKenzie


    When you give a woman underwear she likes, it has a powerful effect on her, but keep in mind that it needs to be the right kind of undies, and it must come at the right point in the relationship.


    Here are a few simple pieces of advice to help you get major relationship points.



    There’s really only one hard-and-fast rule about the right point in a relationship to get lingerie for a woman: You can only do it after you’ve slept with her. Do it any sooner and and the perv alert will instantly go off in her head.

    And whatever you do, avoid giving her underthings on her birthday, because she wants something that she can show off to her friends.



    If you’re self-conscious about being surrounded by lingerie in a store, you may skulk around, avoid eye contact, and refuse help.  Instead, walk right up to a sales associate and say, “I’m looking for something for my girlfriend/wife.” She’ll take it from there.



    If she’s a jeans and t-shirts kind of girl, stick with something simple and elegant like a lace boyshort and matching camisole.

    If she’s wild in the bedroom, get her something costume-y like a corsetthong, and garters.

    If she’s shy or self-conscious about her body, get a sheer teddy and full-coverage underwear.



    Nude is the most popular color of intimate apparel a woman buys herself, so avoid giving that color as a gift. It feels too practical and everyday.



    Many women love red or hot-pink — especially on Valentine’s Day — but be warned: If you’re not buying high-end stuff, lingerie in those colors can easily look cheap and tacky once it’s on.

    So skip the mall and try a boutique, where everything will be of higher quality and save you from sending her a message that you want her to look trashy.


    It’s flattering next to all skin tones, it’s slimming, and it’s always classic while remaining sexy. Bottom line: It’ll look good wrapped in tissue paper when you present it, it’ll look good on her, and it’ll look good in a heap on the floor next to the bed. 

  • Housekeeping Tips That Will Save You A Fortune

    Posted by Charli McKenzie


    We spend billions of dollars on cleaning products every year, but here are a few tips that will help you to save a few dollars.


    Banish cooking odors like fish or spices by boiling a cup of distilled white vinegar and a couple of cloves in an uncovered saucepan for a few minutes.

    Remove stains from pans with cheap own-brand cola. Pour just enough into your pan to cover the burnt area. Boil and stir it, then remove from the heat. Pour away the hot cola and the burnt residue should go with it.

    To unblock a sink, cut a tennis ball in half. Put one half over the plug hole, dome up, and give it a good pump. The ball will act like a plunger.

    Use cheap cola as a very efficient toilet cleaner. Pour a liter of the soda into the toilet bowl. Leave for an hour or more, then scrub and flush for sparkling results.

    - Make your wood furniture shine by mixing the juice of half a lemon with a quarter of a cup of olive oil. The lemon cuts through grime and the oil leaves a lustrous sheen.



  • Another reason Aaron Rodgers is pretty amazing

    Posted by Charli McKenzie


    Aaron Rodgers and David Gruber surprise Brandon, a cancer survivor. Brandon fought Leukemia as a 12 year old and today has a great story. Aaron and David help him tell it. This is the full story of their time together. Very inspiring.... 




  • Would you trust this vacuum?

    Posted by Charli McKenzie


    Theres a new vacuum cleaner that can be operated simply by using voice commands.

    The Roboking will pause whenever you clap your hands twice, and can move in the same direction as the user by comparing audio from microphones around its case to work out where the voice is coming from.

    It also contains cameras and ultrasonic sensors so it can create a virtual map of the room it is cleaning. The vacuum can also spot any objects in its path and work around them.

    Once fully charged, the cleaner can be used for 100 minutes, and LG also claims it is so quiet it can be used while homeowners are watching TV.

    It’s set to go on sale in Korea for around $760.

  • Boston Bruins fan singing National Anthem

    Posted by Charli McKenzie

    he Boston Bruins suited up for their first home hockey game since the attack on the city's marathon.
    Thousands of fans came together to sing an emotional rendition of the National Anthem.

    The Bruins hosted the Buffalo Sabres. The Boston Fire Department Honor Guard led the crowd in "The Star Spangled Banner," which at times featured only the voices of the crowd. 
    The pre-show at TD Garden featured a “Boston Strong” video honoring first responders, which included the song "Home" by American Idol alum Phillip Phillips.


  • 10 types of women that men WONT marry..

    Posted by Charli McKenzie



    Miss "Bossy Pants": This woman usually can't help herself; she has bossy in her DNA. Men can’t stand being told what to do all the time.

    Miss "Playing Games With His Heart": The man might be intrigued by a hard to get lady in the beginning, but as soon as he decides that he is interested in her, all he wants is an honest straight shooter.

    Miss "I Want To Change You": The woman claims that she loves her guy just the way he is, but little by little, she chips away at just about everything about him.

    Miss "Suspiciously Jealous": This woman is on edge all the time because she is very distrusting. The man will have no choice to leave her because he can't go through his life being prosecuted for somebody else's crimes.

    Miss "I Live For You And I Have Nothing Else Going On": This woman is very difficult for a man to date, let alone marry. At first, he is flattered that she is so into him, but very quickly, he feels overwhelmed and suffocated by her.

    Miss "I Have Daddy Issues": This woman usually dates older men and deep down is looking for a father figure, not a boyfriend or husband.

    Miss "I Speak To My Mother Five Times A Day About Everything": When a guy first meets her, he thinks it's nice that she is so close to her family, but soon, he finds it to be way too much.

    Miss "Shhh, I Shouldn't Really Be Saying This, But...": This woman loves to gossip and talk about other people the guy might be entertained by her anecdotes but eventually, he begins to wonder what she is saying behind his back.

    Miss "Keeping Up With The Joneses": This woman needs to be at least as good as everyone else she knows. The man justs gets fed up that she can't appreciate what they have instead of wishing she was someone else.

    Miss "I Don't Eat": This woman picks at her food, is on a never-ending diet The fact is men like to eat; they like steak, they like trying different foods, they like dessert and women should be eating too, at least sometimes.

  • Tragedy in Boston....

    Posted by Charli McKenzie


    There were two explosions during the Boston Marathon and at least three people are dead, including an 8-year-old boy. 

    More than 150 people are injured. 17 of them are critical and some of them are not expected to survive.

    The explosions came about 10 seconds apart and about 100 yards from each other at the finish line.

    Officials said the bombs may have been packed with ball bearings, which could explain why so many victims lost limbs. Four people reportedly had to have amputations at the hospital.

    Every one of the 2,100 Boston police officers in the city was ordered to the scene.

    The feds are calling this a ‘coordinated attack’ and an ‘act of terrorism’. President Obama said those who are responsible will feel the “full weight of justice”.

    The FBI is heading up the investigation to find out how someone planted bombs along the busiest stretch of the race during a high-profile event.












  • 9 Fitness and Diet Myths..DEBUNKED!!

    Posted by Charli McKenzie

    Think crunches are the answer to a six-pack? Or that lifting heavy weights will make you look like The Hulk? Trainer Sara Haley, creator of The Daily Sweat® workouts, Expecting More and Sweat Unlimited, debunked these fitness myths and more, so you can start your get-summer-ready routine in the right direction (heavy weights included). 

    MYTH: Fewer calories is always better. With Weight Watchers and nutrition apps like MyNetDiary now diet staples, calorie counting is still a big diet trend. But less isn't always better. "You need to fuel your body, especially when you are working out," says Haley. "If you don't take in enough calories, your body may think it's starving itself and actually holds on to weight as protection." So fuel up often, and stash healthy snacks in your purse or at your desk.

    MYTH: Lifting heavy weights will make you bulky. Lifting weights builds muscle, but strength training alone won't turn you into The Rock. "It's more likely that you will bulk up from eating the wrong foods (or too much food) in combination with not enough cardio," Haley explains. "For example, body builders take in a ridiculous amount of calories and lift heavy weights, thus increasing their body mass (which some consider 'bulky'). By eating a balanced diet, doing cardio and lifting heavy weights, you will be stronger and leaner."

    MYTH: Doing crunches will get rid of belly fat. Crunches create muscle, but they won't eliminate any fat on top of the muscle (or that winter muffin top). "You need to combine cardiovascular work with your core training program (more than just crunches) to get rid of the belly fat," says Haley. "Cardio will help you burn the fat. Core training will help create the muscle."

    MYTH: If you're not sweating, you're not working hard enough. You should never base your workout on sweating because everyone has different sweat glands and some sweat more than others. Instead, Haley recommends paying attention to your breath intake. "If it is becoming harder to breathe, you are working harder. If it never becomes harder to breathe, you will never see an increase in your cardiovascular endurance."

    MYTH: Heat and vigorous exercise helps you sweat out toxins. We've seen plenty of people layer on clothing in the summer heat, with the idea that sweating is the fitness world's answer to a cleanse. But Haley explains why this idea just doesn't work. "Sweating is a way for your body to release heat and even though it may contain tiny amounts of toxins, the amount is small enough to be almost insignificant."

    MYTH: You must stretch before a workout to prevent injury. Stretching can prevent injury, but it depends on the type of stretching! Our stereotypical static stretches (where we hold a position for a certain amount of time) can actually put your muscles to sleep. "Dynamic (active) stretches" - such as straight leg kicks - "are a better way to go because they increase blood flow and warm up the body, which ultimately helps you prevent injury."

    MYTH: Doings squats will make your butt big. "Doing squats will make your butt strong, give you a butt-lift (a perkier butt), and help tighten up your muscles," says Haley. "It will not make your butt big." So think firm, not pudgy.

    MYTH: You can target trouble spots. "Every person is genetically different and can see changes differently on their body," Haley says. So instead of focusing on your stomach or thighs, indulge in a well-rounded workout. "You do not want to just target trouble spots, but rather have a combination of cardio, strengthening and toning exercises to help create a lean strong body."

    MYTH: An empty stomach means more fat burn. If you work out on an empty stomach, you may not have enough energy to even get through it. "Your body needs fuel to burn fat. Working out on an empty stomach is just going to hinder your workout." So eat, work out, repeat.