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  • Tornado in Joplin, you can help!

    Posted by Charli McKenzie

    Disaster agencies are asking for donations as southwestern Missouri city copes with aftermath of deadly twister.

    The death toll from Sunday's twister was raised to at least 116 in Joplin, Mo., with more than 1,000 injured.

    Here is a list of some non-profit agencies and ways you can respond to Sunday's disaster:

    By Text Message

    --Sending "REDCROSS" via text message to 90999 will charge $10 to your next cell phone bill to distribute to the American Red Cross

    --Sending "Joplin" via text message to 864833 will charge $10 to your next cell phone bill to distribute to the Heart of Missouri United Way

    ----Sending "JOPLIN" via text message to 80888 will charge $10 to your next cell phone bill to distribute to The Salvation Army (You will need to reply "yes" when asked.)

    On The Web

    --The American Red Cross' Greater Ozarks Regional Chapter, which includes Joplin, can be reached here:

    --The Salvation Army can be reached here:

    --Missouri's State Emergency Management Agency links on its website to a page with non-profits that operate in the state and provides tips to avoid scams here:

    Over The Phone

    --The American Red Cross' Greater Ozarks Regional Chapter, which includes Joplin, can be reached at: (417) 832-9500

    --The Salvation Army can be reached at: (800) SAL-ARMY

    Survivors Safe and Well List

    The American Red Cross created a web page for survivors in Joplin to notify family members and for family members to search a list of who's registered on the site.

    Mail A Check

    American Red Cross
    Greater Ozarks Chapter
    1545 N. West ByPass
    Springfield, MO

    The Salvation Army
    3637 Broadway
    Kansas City, MO
    Include the phrase "Joplin Tornado"
    Source 2

  • What a heart-tugging survives and makes it home w 2 broken legs..

    Posted by Charli McKenzie

    A family had all but given up on their dog, Mason, after a tornado that ripped through Birmingham, AL, on April 27th picked up the terrier mix, who was hiding in the garage, and carried him away.

    But last week, when the family returned to their home to inspect the damage, they found Mason sitting on the front porch

    He has "2 broken legs", and yet, he managed to crawl home.

     Mason was to undergo an operation to realign his bones (adding splints). Doctors expect his recovery to take a while, but ultimately successful recovery.


  • Do you want to rent this Nashville Superstars home?? Got $25,000 a month?

    Posted by Charli McKenzie

    ~~ FOR RENT: The dream house LeAnn Rimes and then husband, Dean Sheremet, finished building in Franklin, Tennessee.  All 13,310 square feet, 7 bedrooms, and 9.5 bathrooms of it. 

    The house went on the market for a bargain at $7.45 million, but hasn't sold yet. 

    So LeAnn's renting it out. 

    THE RENT:  $25,000 a month.



  • ABC's Fall Clip Shows...

    Posted by Charli McKenzie

    These are the full clips of the fall shows on ABC..some look really good!!



  • Cancelled or renewed..find out if your shows made it or not?

    Posted by Charli McKenzie

    It's that time of year, TV watchers.

    Network upfronts are all this week, which means news of show renewals and cancellations will be rolling in faster than you can tweet your reactions. And even though the networks have already made plenty of announcements for a number of shows (yay, Chuck!), we're still awaiting news on several bubble shows.

    That's why we put together this list of the major networks and the fate of their shows. As upfronts week continues, we'll be updating it as we go, until we've got every network's decision mapped out for you…

    TWITTER: Follow Team WWK all week for constant scoop from network upfronts: @JenniferArrow @DruMoorhouse @JBomb11 @fatherdowling

    If the show is bolded, it's already been renewed for next season (and sometimes beyond). If the show is still awaiting official confirmation of a pickup, it's simply in italics. If the show has a strikethrough, well, you've probably already figured out that means it's been canceled.

    And yes, we know some shows are definitely sure things for renewal, but until we get an official announcement from the network, we're keeping it as "not yet renewed," just to be on the safe side. Upfronts are known to drop some shockers on us!



    The Bachelor
    The Bachelorette

    Better With You
    Body of Proof
    Brothers & Sisters
    Cougar Town
    Dancing With the Stars
    Desperate Housewives

    Detroit 1-8-7
    Grey's Anatomy
    Happy Endings

    The Middle
    Modern Family

    Mr. Sunshine
    No Ordinary Family
    Off the Map

    Private Practice




    The Amazing Race
    The Big Bang Theory

    Blue Bloods
    Criminal Minds
    Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior
    CSI: Miami
    CSI: NY
    The Defenders
    The Good Wife
    Hawaii Five-0
    How I Met Your Mother
    Mad Love
    The Mentalist
    Mike & Molly
    NCIS: Los Angeles
    Rules of Engagement
    $#*! My Dad Says
    Two and a Half Men
    Undercover Boss




    30 Rock
    The Biggest Loser
    The Cape
    Celebrity Apprentice
    The Event
    Harry's Law
    Law & Order: Los Angeles
    Law & Order: SVU
    The Office
    Parks and Recreation
    Perfect Couples
    The Voice


    American Dad
    American Idol
    Bob's Burgers
    Breaking In
    The Chicago Code
    The Cleveland Show
    Family Guy
    Human Target
    Lie to Me
    Raising Hope
    The Simpsons
    Traffic Light




    America's Next Top Model
    Gossip Girl

    One Tree Hill

    The Vampire Diaries




  • Josh Turner Suprise will Make You Cry

    Posted by Charli McKenzie

    Even if you're not watching the current season of American Idol and hate country music, you still need to watch the following heartwarming video. In it, country superstar Josh Turner surprises Scotty McCreery, one of the top three contestants on Idol, during his hometown visit. If you're a fan of either or both, you'll like it even more.

    McCreery is the country guy on this year's show. At just 17, he's humble, down-to-earth, and just a seemingly good guy. As he's up performing during his hometown visit (and those are always moving enough) in Garner, N.C., Turner comes out on stage. At first, McCreery has no idea why the crowd is going wild, then when he realizes Turner is on stage with him, he's blown away. Chills!

    You can tell it was a complete surprise to McCreery and in no way rehearsed. I love that and think there way too few true surprises in life ... of the joyous kind anyway.

    I'm also a total sap when it comes to American Idol. I get teary every time I see the stories of the contestants, their hopes and dreams, and the joy in their eyes and those of their family when they belt out the tunes. And to see this young kid -- he's just a junior in high school -- meet and perform with his idol just melts me into a puddle of tears.

    Plus, as much as my former punk-rock-loving self is aghast to admit, I have grown to love country music over the years. The first song they performed together "Your Man" is one of my current favorites, and, incidentally the Turner song McCreery auditioned with and has performed on Idol. The second one they sang was Turner's first hit, "Long Black Train," which is another great tune. For as nervous as McCreery was, he did an amazing job at keeping his composure; and they sounded good together.

    Whether McCreery wins the American Idol crown this season or not, Turner may have just given him something even better. And I have feeling anyone on the fence as to who they want to see as the next American Idol may be firmly in the McCreery camp after seeing this video.


  • How Should You Handle Potty Accidents

    Posted by Charli McKenzie



    Potty-training is one of the most divisive subjects in the battlefield of motherhood. No matter where you turn, someone is going to offer unsolicited advice about how and when you should potty-train you toddler. During my daughter's toddlerhood, I heard every extreme on the subject. "My son was potty-trained at 14 months. I spanked him if he had an accident," said one mom. Another told me that she sees no reason to pressure her 4-year-old into potty-learning, and that she figures the child will do it "when she's ready."


    The subject of how to handle accidents is sure to come up when you begin the tireless adventure of potty-training your child. While I don't have the answers for every mom, these are the tips that worked best for us to handle potty accidents.


    1. Don't spank. While I know some moms who have proclaimed success using spankings to address potty accidents, I know many more who have seen complete failure with this technique. Spankings teach children to be afraid and embarrassed of accidents, and to associate a natural bodily function with punishment. From what I've seen, toddlers do best when they associate the potty with something positive, not when they view it as an escape from something physically painful. A swat on the butt will not cure a child of his inability to control his bladder or bowels. It will, however, cause him to feel very distressed about the entire process of maturing into the potty-using stage.


    2. Don't humiliate your child. Potty accidents are embarrassing to both you and your child, especially if they occur in a public place. But there is no need to worsen an already-distressing situation if your toddler has an accident. Your toddler needs to know that you're on the same team, and that you don't purposefully seek to hurt or upset her. If she wets herself at the playground, the best thing you can do is discretely whisper, "Wow, this is embarrassing! Let's get you a change of clothes. I don't think anyone noticed."


    3. Say you're upset. My toddler went a week with no potty-related accidents whatsoever, then had an accident in the children's library. Yikes! As we raced to the potty to clean up and change, I did provide support and comfort -- but I also made it clear that I was upset. Point out the obvious so that your child understands how these accidents affect you. "I'm really upset. This is very embarrassing and I'd been excited about how well you were doing with the potty," gets the message across appropriately. Your toddler doesn't need to be humiliated or shamed, but she does need to know that potty accidents inconvenience you.


    4. Offer a reminder. Every single time your toddler has an accident, make a point of reminding him of how and when to use the potty. Tell him to alert you when he feels like he needs to use the potty, and remind him that it's not a good idea to "hold it" longer than necessary. Make sure your toddler knows that he can ask you to go to the potty any time and any place, even if it is inconvenient. An inconvenient trip to the bathroom is far easier than a messy accident in a public place!


    5. Address the accident promptly. I have heard many parents recommend that parents allow their potty-training toddlers to wear soiled or wet clothes for an extended period of time, to teach the toddler a lesson. I do not view this as a viable option for handling potty accidents. Most toddlers who are developmentally ready to potty-train can remove their own wet or soiled clothes. If they can't, they may face a painful or even dangerous rash due to the bacteria and ammonia against their skin. Don't force this on your child unnecessarily; it isn't likely to have a positive outcome. Instead, deal with the accident quickly so that your toddler understands that an accident has occurred and that it needs to be addressed.



  • This mother should be in 8 year old botox..WHAT?!?!

    Posted by Charli McKenzie

    Remember that terrible mother who said she gives Botox and "virgin waxes" to her 8-year-old daughter to improve her chances at beauty pageants? She's real, and says she's doing nothing wrong. Good Morning America tracked down little Britney Campbell and mother Kerry, an aesthetician who regularly injects botulism into her daughter's face.

    Botox Mom says her baby wants the procedures: "We talked about it. She didn't exactly ask me about it, but I know she was complaining about her face having wrinkles, and things like that." (Kerry keeps referring to "wrinkles," but when she points them out in pictures, I'm pretty sure she's just pointing at Britney's dimples?) "It's a tough world in the pageant world, I'm telling you," the hard-knock child abuser concludes.

    GMA via Jezebel