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  • Our Prayer to our soldiers........

    Posted by Charli McKenzie

    Now I lay me down to sleep, one less terrorist this world does keep. With all my heart I give my thanks, to those in uniform regardless of ranks. You serve our country and serve it well, with humble hearts your stories tell. So as I rest my weary eyes, while freedom rings our flag still flies. You… give your all, do what you must...with God we live and God we trust. Amen

  • 5 Tricks to Dressing Slim

    Posted by Charli McKenzie

    Anything that helps w. looking slimmer and not actually having to do the work, is what I prefer LOL


    Didn't shed those 5 extra winter pounds in time for sundress season? Neither did we! But chin up -- it is possible to lose them still, simply by getting dressed in the morning! Follow our easy tips for dressing slimmer and you'll be rocking a little summer frock -- and looking and feeling amazing -- within minutes.

    • Create Strong Foundations

    First things first: before we even get to clothes let's address undergarments. Choose them well and they'll shave 5 - 10 pounds off your frame by lifting you up and sucking you in all around. It's a no-brainer! Make sure you've got an assortment of well-fitting bras and supportive shapewear on hand that will work for a range of outfits and occasions.

    Sam Saboura, stylist, author, tv personality and makeover expert extraordinaire, tells StyleList, "You would never build a house without starting with a great foundation and the same thing goes for your body and your style. When I work with a client I love to set the tone with the proper foundation garments, primarily a slimmer -- or a girdle, if you will -- because that's going to highlight the small part of your waist, hide all those bumps and bulges and really smooth you out to make your clothes look amazing."

    Yummie Tummie shapewear creator Heather Thomson suggests wearing a bustless slip under dresses. "A good slip is the passport into your closet," she says. "Worn under any dress, your figure will look flawless. Rock those curves, girl, and show off that hourglass figure." Another slimming option are the longer bike short styles, which work well under pants or skirts.

    • Become a Fitness Guru

    No, not a workout maven (although that's good too). We mean a fashion fit expert: make sure your clothes fit to a tee! Close-fitting -- not tight -- clothing that skims the body's shape is generally more flattering for all sizes and types.

    "A lot of women have this misconception when they feel uncomfortable about their body, they want to cover it up with tons of clothing," says Saboura. But, in general, adding extra volume is a big Don't. "A lot of women have really great curves but they hide them behind their clothes. But what you need to do is highlight the assets and show off your best features."

    You can start with pieces that work well on your body, then tweak as necessary for a perfect fit, according to stylist and fashion expert Lindsay Albanese. "Start off with clothing that accentuates your favorite feature," she tells StyleList. And if you have a difficult-to-fit shape, "an affordable tailor in the area -- maybe one at your cleaner's -- should be on speed-dial."

    Saboura suggests adding figure-hugging details: "If you're curvy you want to look for jackets that have princess seams or little darts under your bust to find that natural curve for you. You can always add those darts and seams to any jacket or shirt that you have if you have a good tailor."

    Slimming styles, from left: Jay Godfrey color-blocked dress, $360,; Bobeau printed peasant top, $48,; Marc by Marc Jacobs curve-balancing look, fitted cardigan, $298 and wide-leg pants, $238, Courtesy photos.

    • Create Diversionary Tactics

    Use accessories, interesting necklines, patterns and bright color to attract attention away from bulges and towards whatever part of your body you want to emphasize, be it your decolletage, waistline or pretty face!

    Say you're more bottom-heavy -- you can keep all the attention on your amazing upper half by sporting a brightly colored or patterned cardigan or top, according to Charla Krupp, style expert and author of "How to Never Look Fat Again." She tells StyleList. "You want all the color, the jazz, the fun fabric and the pattern on top," to draw the eye upward, while toning down the bottom half.

    Strategically baring skin is a great diversionary tactic too. Have great shoulders? Go with a one-shouldered dress or top. V-necks and u-necks highlight the decolletage. Three-quarter-length sleeves show off slender forearms, and knee-length pencil skirts streamline the lower body and showcase toned calves.

    "When I look for a dress, I look at 3 places on the body: the neckline, the small part of the arms and the legs. Showing skin in the right places is going to show off those curves and make you look longer and leaner," says Saboura.

    A wide or colorful belt will emphasize your waistline and hourglass shape, drawing the eye away from a heavy bust or larger hips. And a beautiful, sparkling brooch on a lapel, a dramatic red lip or kohl-rimmed eye will keep attention away from a pot-belly or chunky upper arms.

    Reality star Whitney Port had the right idea when she donned this waist-whittling graphic dress earlier in the week. Photo: Splash News.

    • Use Optical Illusions

    Graphic effects can play tricks on the eye to help shape the body and minimize bulk. Color-blocking, smaller-scale prints and vertical and diagonal stripes all work this effect. Case in point: reality star Whitney Port recently donned a strategically color-blocked dress that had a magical, waist-minimizing effect.

    This season's color blocking can be miraculous for whittling inches off your frame if you go with one long vertical block of color down the center of your body, with darker pieces on the sides.

    Sailor stripes may be all the rage these days but they're not necessarily the most flattering pattern. For a slimming effect, go for vertical or diagonal stripes instead. "Vertical lines are always a good choice because they streamline your figure," Albanese confirms.

    And all-over, small-scale pattern works great too. Saboura recommends them: "One diffused pattern tricks the eye into taking in the shape of your body in one overall consistent shape. It will disguise the distracting bumps and bulges."

    • Achieve Balance

    If you're top- or bottom-heavy the best thing you can do is balance out your silhouette by adding a little (just a little!) volume to your smaller half.

    "You really want to balance the proportion of your upper body to your lower body," says Saboura. "Busty girls can look for v-necks and scoop necks when it comes to a flattering neckline. It'll minimize your shoulders and your bust." For the opposite situation, the expert advises, "When it comes to bottoms, boot-cut jeans and pencil skirts are always winners. And I encourage women to add a touch of volume to the upper half to balance the curves and fullness of their lower half. Cardigans and little jackets are great for this. And for summer there are lots of lightweight, draped tops that will add a little bit of volume without overwhelming your frame."

    And, Saboura adds, full-figured women should "Consider accessories that are in line with the size of their frame. Think about how curvy you are and balance your body with medium-size accessories like purses, belts and jewelry. A big, chunky heel balances the fullness of your frame and your curves." This point was recently a hot topic: see the uproar created by 'The Sartorialist' after he commented on a woman's chunky-shoe choice being complementary to her full figure.

  • The Strange World of Wedding Preperation...

    Posted by Charli McKenzie

    England has gone officially royal wedding crazy. After the jump, an update on the most outrageous preparations with just 24 hours until the big event.

    • Yesterday morning at 4 a.m., a thousand British military officers headed to Westminster Abbey on horseback for a rehearsal so they could practice running security without ruining the view for onlookers. All the cars and coaches practiced their arrival, using stand-ins for guests. Kate’s stand-in was convincing enough to fool witnesses even though she was wearing jeans and a sweater. [People]
    • While Queen Elizabeth will be throwing a traditional champagne and canapé reception after the ceremony, Prince Harry and Pippa Middleton—Kate’s sister and maid of honor, who happens to be a well-renowned party planner—are in charge of the after party. Three state rooms have been converted and caterers are making a 6 a.m. “survivor’s breakfast” of bacon sandwiches. Pippa caused quite a stir last night when she joked that the throne room was being turned into a nightclub complete with disco balls. Or at least, we think she was joking. [Daily Beast, NY Daily News]
    • Thousands of people are already camping out, angling to get the best spot for the event. The first reported camper was John Loughrey, who arrived on Monday decked out in Union Jack gear. Others have congregated at Clapham Common, where giant television screens have been erected and free tea will be given out. The common even has a “glamping” zone where luxury campers with sheepskin rugs can be rented. [Daily Beast, BBC]
    • With weather forecasts predicting rain for tomorrow, a troupe of African dancers performed a traditional dance to banish the rain outside Westmister Abbey today. “It would be a disaster if Kate got a soggy dress on the way to the church,” troupe leader Akosua Boakye explained. “This African sun dance is sure to keep the clouds away and bring on a nice bit of sunny weather.” [The Sun]
    • Sports betting site William Hill has set up all sorts of royal wedding bets—from what time Kate will arrive at the Abbey to whether the bouquet will be caught or dropped. They are offering 16-1 odds that the couple’s first dance will be to Rod Stewart’s “Have I Told You Lately.” [William Hill]
    • ITV America has commissioned an interesting wedding commentator—Margaret Tyler, 67, who happens to be a hoarder of royal family memorabilia. She has over 10,000 items—including a jar of jelly infused with a single strand of Princess Diana’s hair. Her colored commentary should be … obsessive. [Daily Beast]
    • Meanwhile, it’s not just the Brits who are going crazy for the wedding. BBC America’s series “Royally Mad” followed five Americans competing in a Brit-themed event to win a trip to the wedding. Even Tori Spelling can’t wait for the big event—she is having a Royal Wedding Sleepover Party tonight where guests must wear button-up pajamas and a mini hat. [People]


  • The Bacon Wrapped Hot Dog...

    Posted by Charli McKenzie


    "What began as Tijuana street food quickly has spread north."

    Bacon-wrapped hot dogs are all the rage with the late-night crowd, and vendors outside the HP Pavilion in San Jose and the Fox Theater in Oakland.

    They're called "Danger Dogs", and are are even popping up on some Northern Cali cafe menus. One national fast-food chain -- Wienerschnitzel -- has gotten in on the action, too.

    Cook Your own Danger Dog

    1. Wrap bacon around a hot dog, corkscrew-style. Secure the bacon to the hot dog using (nonplastic) tooth picks.
    2. Grill the hot dog, as you would normally. It's done when the bacon gets crispy. (If you don't want the bacon too crispy, you can partially cook the hot dogs before putting on the bacon, then place on the grill.) Remove the toothpicks and place the hot dog in a bun.
    3. Top it with your favorite condiments or go "street " style and add mayonnaise, ketchup, mustard and grilled onions.


  • The Justin Beiber toothbrush

    Posted by Charli McKenzie



    There are Justin Bieber dolls, trading cards and calendars but nobody ever thought there could be a Justin Bieber toothbrush. Well now, there is.

    Brush Buddies recently unveiled their new line of singing Justin Bieber toothbrushes. The toothbrush line will officially launch on July 1st.

    According to the Brush Buddies official website, here's all you need to know about the singing toothbrushes:

    1. Soft rubber coating to give you a comfortable brushing experience

    2. Replaceable brush head, dentists recommend you replace your brush head every 3 months.

    3. 2 buttons - 1 button when you wake up in the morning and one before you go to bed. Each button will play a Justin Bieber's song for 2 minutes which is the dentist recommend time to brush your teeth. Now you can enjoy brushing your teeth while you listen to Justin's best songs [one alternates between "U Smile" and "Baby" while the other switches between "Love Me" and "Somebody To Love"

    4. And for the full Bieber oral care experience, be sure to pick up 55 yards of mint waxed Bieber floss.

    5. Or pick up the handy JB Travel Kit, which comes with tongue scraper, brush, floss and a mini hourglass timer.



  • 6 DUMB Money "Saving" Mistakes

    Posted by Charli McKenzie

    6 Dumb Money 'Saving' Mistakes

    We all know someone (or are that person) who drives miles upon miles in search of better gas prices, wasting time and money to save - at best - a nickel per gallon. Our focus on saving money can be so narrow at times that it can actually end up costing us down the road.

    I, for one, am guilty of renting a car several years ago to go over the bridge to New Jersey to take advantage of the state’s 0% sales tax. I spent probably $100 plus in gas to get there - that’s far more than I would have paid in taxes to buy the same clothes in my own New York neighborhood. What can I say? It happens even to those of us who should know better.

    Here are some more common financial traps when we aim to be too frugal.

    Falling for 'Free'

    It’s one thing if we go for a no-strings-attached free promotion, but buy-one-get-one-free deals or “free shipping with a $150 purchase” advertisements are just marketing gimmicks to get us to spend money we really shouldn’t. As behavioral economist Dan Ariely writes in his best-selling book Predictably Irrational, when something is free, it suggests to the consumer (incorrectly, as it happens) that there is no downside. Unless you had already budgeted for those two hand lotions from Bath and Body Works, that third free bottle is not really a deal.

    Overdosing at the Dollar Store

    Dollar-store stocks have been outperforming the broader market lately, as consumers seek bargains. But not everything in a dollar store is worth the price tag - and according to Consumer Reports, some items found at dollar stores can actually be dangerous. For example, researchers found that extension cords, lamps and other items may have fake UL labels certifying their safety. Over-the-counter remedies like aspirin may also be on shelves past their expiration date.

    Buying in Bulk

    The per-unit cost of an item at a Sam’s Club or Costco may be less than at a grocery store, but unless you can consume it all, it’s a waste of money. And although this might be a stretch, I have to think that the growth in the storage-unit industry is thanks to our culture’s obsession with excess. Today, one in 10 households rents a self-storage unit - up 65% over the last 15 years - for which they pay more than $8 per square foot. Are your bulk-buying habits leaving you crowded out of your house?

    Excessive Couponing

    At the beginning of April, the TLC show Extreme Couponing launched its second season. The coupon experts live in homes filled with gallons of housecleaning supplies, closets filled with dry goods and cabinets bursting with toothbrushes, toothpaste, dental floss and anything else you can find down aisle 7 in CVS. Much of this stuff they got for a fraction of the price - maybe even for free. But I do wonder if all this running around and stocking up is really efficient. After adding up all the hours and gas mileage spent hunting down coupon deals, what’s your net profit? And do you really need 18 boxes of laundry detergent just because your coupon let you save 75%?

    Fast-Food Dining

    Dollar menus and fast food may satisfy your hunger for less today, but over time this behavior can carry a much higher price tag. A report by the Cancer Project found that most items advertised on Value Menus are high in saturated fat, sodium and cholesterol. And many items were linked to an increased risk of cancer. And researchers at the Dept. of Agriculture found medical costs stemming from obesity-related problems are about $10,000 higher than they are for those with a healthy weight.

    Making Repairs Yourself

    Sometimes it’s just cheaper to pay a professional, especially for services that take up a lot of your quality time or that require some serious expertise. Some big examples: reflooring or recarpeting your house, changing your car’s oil and estate planning.


  • For a cool $10 million you can buy Ozzy and Sharon Osbournes place..

    Posted by Charli McKenzie

    For a cool $10 million you can buy the Osbournes 4,500 square-foot, five bedroom, five bathroom ocean side home.

    The house boasts two balconies with a ground floor veranda, hardwood floors, a spacious kitchen with stainless steel appliances, floor to ceiling windows – and something almost unheard of in Malibu, a backyard!

    In 2010 the Osbournes rented out the home, which sits in a gated community, for a whopping $40,000 per month.



  • Royal Wedding Goodies..Love this!

    Posted by Charli McKenzie



    Every day this week, we'll provide exclusive coverage of the Royal Wedding from Royal Authority and Celebrity Biographer, Andrew Morton's: The Morton Report.


    If you're bummed out that you didn't get your invite to the Royal Wedding. President Obama isn't going either.

    In case you're feeling bad, you can print this and put it in your mailbox:





    1. In case William and Kate do what 90% of newlyweds do on their wedding night -- drink themselves out of any first night passion -- there are royal barf bags. They feature a picture of the couple underneath the words "Throne Up."


    2. If they are not quite ready for Royal rug rats then Will should wrap the Royal tool with a Crown Jewels Condom. They are "presented in a timeless souvenir heirloom collector's box" and combine "the strength of a Prince with the yielding sensitivity of a Princess-to-be."

    3. In case they get the munchies, Papa John's have brought out the 'Pizza Portrait.' The portrait is made entirely of pizza toppings on top of pizza dough.




    George Michael has released a cover of the romantic 1972 Stevie Wonder track "You And I" as a wedding gift to Prince William and Kate Middleton. The singer is not invited to the royal bash, but was close to Prince William's mother Diana, Princess of Wales.

    The track has been released as a free download via iTunes, with the singer asking fans to make a donation to the charitable fund set up by Prince William and Kate Middleton (Stevie Wonder has also waived all his rights to the song).

    The track is available on George's site, HERE



  • IS he the next Aaron Rodgers?? Look at this trick shot

    Posted by Charli McKenzie

    A few months back, there were a wave of quarterback trick shot videos. First, it was Johnny McEntee of UConn who showed us that being a backup in the NCAA allows you a lot more free time than one would think. Then it was Alex Tanney of tiny Monmouth College who tried to up one Johnny (and did so in impressive fashion I might add).

    Then the videos got somewhat ridiculous and frankly, unoriginal. College athletes were spending their nights and weekends making football videos instead of meeting women, drinking booze and getting arrested. A damn shame really.

    But that doesn’t mean the youngins can’t give it a try. Here’s 7th grader Gunnar Legas of Utah showing off his wide variety of quarterback skills. And don’t worry, we’re pretty sure Nick Saban already has several calls into his family.

  • William And Kate THE GOLDEN YEARS

    Posted by Charli McKenzie

    Take a look at this fabulous peek into Buckingham Palace's future, circa 2041! One of our favorite London insiders, Mike Parker, commissioned digital age progression experts to help us see what Prince William and his bride-to-be, Kate Middleton, will look like in 30 years—we're guessing this is post Wills' ascension the throne, obviously.

    Ah-mazing. This gem of a photo actually depicts what specialists predict the royal couple will look like three decades from the exact day they tie the knot at Westminster Abbey this Friday. Pretty sure, every wrinkle is just where it should be.

  • Wow, can you imagine this in your laundry room..

    Posted by Charli McKenzie


    A woman in Manatee County, Florida found a 6-foot alligator in her house.

    She had just walked in her front door when she saw the gator in her guest bedroom. She ran out of the house, but she was worried about her pet cats. At one point, she thought her cat was eaten because there was blood everywhere. But the blood was from the gator himself.

    Both of the cats were shaken up, but they're doing fine.

    The woman thinks the gator crawled up behind the house, under a chain-link fence, across the yard, through a screen on the porch, and then through a doggie door and into the house.

    Animal control eventually came and picked up the gator.