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  • Celebrity Tweets from during the Superbowl...

    Posted by Charli McKenzie


    1. Wiz Khalifa: "saul good. u still knoe wut it iz #blackandyellow"

    2. Justin Bieber: "2min to go...sick game. just gotta say that @OfficialOzzy is the man. so funny."

    3. Usher: "@bep just did it up! that stage...damn"

    4. Chris Brown: "That's was dope!!! the peas"

    5. Fred Durst: "Was that a new version of the anthem or what?"

    6. Joan Rivers: "Right now Courtney Love is trying to figure out who's winning? The green swirls or the white swirls?"

    7. Paula Abdul: "I heard @bep , @Slash & @UsherRaymondIV did an AMAZING half-time show!! how AWESOME for the dancers that got to perform w/ them! xoP"

    8. Questlove: "Ferg is the first woman to perform the halftime show since nipplegate. highly surprised the unmoveable axl cleared this."


    10. Rob Thomas: "I hear all the tweets, but anyone who has ever done this for a living and played TV, knows that that sound guys f*cked the peas."

    11. Slash: "That was a blast! What an insane event. I wish I'd bet on the game!"

    12. Lil Wayne: "Green and Yellow! Green and f#%kin Yellow!"

    13. Jermaine Dupri: "Oh wow Christina did mess up the words on the anthem, I didn't catch this."

    14. "I didn't want to say it before... but I knew the Packers were going to win..."

    15. Kim Kardashian: "Wow Black Eyed Peas killed it!!! Fergie looks sooo gorge!"

    16. Diddy: "Congrats to all day Packer fans! Great Game!!!!!"


  • Prince and Kim Kardashian??

    Posted by Charli McKenzie


    Kim Kardashian made it on stage at Madison Square Garden in New York. She didn't sing.

    Prince pulled her on stage during his show, last night.

    The reality-TV star then posted a photo of herself on stage with the singer.

    Kardashian attended the show with her new beau, Kris Humphries.




  • Why is YOUR state awesome..interesting

    Posted by Charli McKenzie



    Alabama: Highest church attendance.
    Alaska: Most equal society, that is has the lowest GINI coefficient of any state.
    Arizona: Sunniest.
    Arkansas: Most bromine production. 
    California: Lowest occupational fatality rate.
    Colorado: Least Obese.
    Connecticut: Lowest carbon emissions per capita.
    Delaware: Best state for business incorporation. 
    Florida: Lowest in-state college tuition.
    Georgia: Hosts busiest airport
    Hawaii: Highest life expectancy.
    Idaho: Most computer manufacturing per capita
    Illinois: Most “Average”
    Indiana: Most Vice Presidents
    Iowa: Lowest rate of sick days.
    Kansas: Wheat production.
    Kentucky: Incredible rate of gun ownership…
    Louisiana: Busiest Port.
    Maine: Least violent crime.
    Maryland: Highest median household income.
    Massachusetts: Most college graduates 
    Michigan: Freshwater access
    Minnesota: Fewest cardiovascular deaths.
    Mississippi: Most churches per capita…
    Missouri: Political Bellwether…
    Montana: American Indian Political Power. “the Montana Legislature boasts the strongest American Indian representation per capita of any state….it is the only state that has a tribal college for each Indian reservation, and no other state has full accreditation of all its tribal colleges, as Montana does. Montana leads the nation in number of tribal colleges within the state (seven).”
    Nebraska: Lowest rate of public corruption.
    Nevada: Libertarian prostitution laws.
    New Hampshire: Lowest Poverty rate.
    New Jersey: Lowest suicide rate.
    New Mexico: Home to space port
    New York: Highest Public Transit Use (26.9%)
    North Carolina: Best Value University
    North Dakota: Lowest unemployment rate.
    Ohio: Library visits per capita.
    Oklahoma: Best License Plates.
    Oregon: Highest proportion of babies breastfed at 6 months.
    Pennsylvania: Most Hunters
    Rhode Island: Lowest coal consumption per capita
    South Carolina: Most Golf holes per capita
    South Dakota: Fewest Mental health days taken.
    Tennessee: Highest rate of immunization (!)
    Texas: Wind Power.
    Utah: Highest reported well-being. Lowest use of most illicit substances and alcohol.
    Vermont: Overall healthi
    Virginia: Most US Presidents born there.
    Washington: Highest SAT scores among states that primarily use SAT and lowest infant mortality.
    West Virginia: Most Retirees.
    Wisconsin: Highest HS graduation rate. 
    Wyoming: Cleanest air. 


  • 6 expenses to NEVER put on your credit card

    Posted by Charli McKenzie


    1. A big tax bill--A tax bill from the IRS could make a taxpayer reach for a credit card. But don't do it. Federal income tax is at the top of the list of things not to pay with a credit card. A large tax bill will make it hard to pay off those credit cards. You'll also pay a processing fee that could be 2 percent or more of the total amount you pay by credit card.

    The alternative: The IRS will set up a payment plan at a much lower interest rate than a credit card offers. It's amazing, but the IRS actually charges less interest than anybody else. It's now less than 5 percent.

    2. A gambling spree--If you're sitting at a table in Vegas, they make it really easy to get cash with your plastic. But a lot of people don't understand the rates for cash advances are close to 30 percent.

    The alternative: If you have a gambling problem, get help. If gambling is more of a hobby, stay away from casinos when you're short on cash and don't play poker online without any betting money.

    3. College tuition-It's not smart to finance college tuition on credit cards. Charging tuition on credit cards might make sense only if you know you'll be able to pay it off in full within three months.

    The alternative: Put all options on the table, including grants, scholarships, low-interest student loans, a part-time job, attending community college for a few years or attending a less-expensive university. You can also meet with a credit counselor to get some help.

    4. Plastic surgery--Pulling out plastic for plastic surgery is a bad idea. It might cost $1,500 each time, but those things can add up. Read the fine print on offers for medical credit cards that offer a zero percent introductory rate. The day you make a payment late, they usually will go back and charge you interest from day one.

    The alternative: Save up for it or skip it.

    5. A lavish wedding--People get caught up in a wedding and spend more than they imagined. It's not rare to blow your budget and starting off married life by running up debt is a bad idea. When you come home from the honeymoon, you'll face a monster credit card bill and a lot of stress.

    The alternative: Scale back and focusing on meaningful, rather than material.

    6. A trip for two--It's a bad idea to pay for a vacation with plastic.

    The alternative: Start making a monthly payment into a bank account, the reverse of what you'd do if you paid with a card. It feels so much better to pay in cash and not come back from vacation with a credit card hangover.



  • Jimmy Buffett BIFFS it....HARD!!

    Posted by Charli McKenzie

    Jimmy Buffett was hospitalized in Australia after suffering a head injury in a stage fall.

    Buffett had just finished singing the line, "It's been a lovely cruise, I'm sorry it's ended" from his hit "Lovely Cruise" when he fell face-first into the photo pit.

    Jimmy hit his head on a barrier and laid on the floor bleeding until emergency crews showed up 30 minutes later. He was taken to a hospital and fans were led out of the venue without an explanation.


    His reps said: "As you probably already know, Jimmy had an accident while performing in Sydney last night and was taken to the hospital. The doctors say he is doing well . More info as we get it, and thank you for all of your well-wishes!"



    Jimmy was released from the hospital last night and is said to be in good spirits.


  • This is a feel good story!

    Posted by Charli McKenzie


    Roger Ebert showed off his "new face," as he calls it when his Roger Ebert Presents At the Movies premiered Friday night, is reporting.

    The courageous veteran film critic, who lost part of his jaw to thyroid cancer four years ago, is back with a silicone prosthetic chin that is strikingly realistic.

    The experts he worked with "did a pretty wonderful job," Ebert, 68, wrote on his blog.

    Most of the new PBS show is carried by two much younger reviewers, Christy Lemire and Ignatiy Yishevetsky. Because Ebert still can't speak, his one review of the evening was done via voice-over with Roger typing away on his computer.

    Regardless of the show's future, Ebert's candidness about his cancer and his brave battle against the disease have won him two thumbs up from fans everywhere.






  • The Best Times to Buy anything in 2011

    Posted by Charli McKenzie

    First Quarter (Jan/Feb/March)

        * Gas grills & air conditioners: They're obviously off-season, but it's not like "next year's model" will be remarkably better or different.


        * Bicycles & Sporting Goods: Not only is it prime off-season pricing, you've got the attention of salespeople who think they're talking to someone who's for real about their exercise.
        * Furniture: It's both a lull and a changeover for the showrooms, so find that dining room set and haggle.
        * Digital frames: Hey, where'd all last month's buyers go? Pick up the leftover stock on the cheap.
        * Carpeting: Most people are focused on holidays, not renovations, and it's before the big tax rebate buying season, according to Carpet SuperSite.


        * Tools: The kinds with batteries and cords and lots of warnings, because their makers put on a big push.
        * Chocolate (after Feb. 14): Because, well, you know.
        * Digital cameras: The newest models are out, fresh from the trade shows, so anything left over goes cheap.


        * Luggage: Halfway between buying seasons, stores eager to move.
        * Frozen foods: Goofy, but it's "National Frozen Food Month." And you can buy and freeze.
        * Winter coats & sports gear: Winter fun season is coming to an end. Where to find end-of-season goods? Try commenters' suggestions.
        * Boats: It's the end of boat show season; you've got the upper hand.


  • This is have to try it!

    Posted by Charli McKenzie

    Okay, this is downright weird. Don’t be suspicious, nothing is going to jump out or scream at you. Just follow the instructions. Wait the entire 30 seconds.

    1.- Click on the link below
    2.- Then "click me to get trippy",
    3.- Look at the center of the screen for 30 seconds, and then..
    4.- Look at your hand, holding the mouse, without moving it away from the mouse..

        (it is no joke, it is called "cenesthetic hallucination")


  • Miss Virginia would've had my vote...

    Posted by Charli McKenzie

    Miss Arkansas Alyse Eady, whose talent was this amazingly bizarre ventriloquism act. Sadly, a blonde robot hailing from Nebraska won the coveted title. Boo. Hiss.