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  • Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin's awkward interview with Psy*VIDEO*

    Posted by Otis Day

    This is great! Psy and Hammer suprise Anderson and Kathy live on CNN. Anderson didn't even know it was Hammer(He admitted that after the interview.)

    Here's what was said:

        Kathy: There's money coming out of your butt at this point
        Psy: Thank you, that means a lot coming from you

        *A series of giggles by Anderson*

    I love Anderson's giggling.

  • The US isn't quite as happy as we'd like everyone to think we are

    Posted by Otis Day

    The world's happiest people apparently are NOT in the US… we are just 33rd on the list of "most upbeat" countries.

    The poll of nearly 150,000 people around the world found that seven of the world's 10 countries with the most upbeat attitudes are in Latin America.

    Panama and Paraguay tied for the top spot on the list.

    On the other end Singapore was the saddest country, followed by Armenia.... (Kardashian land).


  • Youtube's Top 10 Videos of 2012

    Posted by Otis Day

    On YouTube, you may have noticed that the site's icon in the upper lefthand corner has been taken over by a .gif of PSY. If you follow that link, it reveals "YouTube in Rewind 2012," a playlist featuring the year's top YouTube videos in 2012.

    There's also a mashup video mixing PSY's "Gangnam Style" with Carly Rae Jepsen's "Call Me Maybe," because the two are the most viral music videos for the year.

    To create their top 10 list YouTube didn't just look at views, but looked at shares, searches, parodies, remixes and responses.

    Top Trending YouTube Videos of 2012:


    2. Somebody That I Used to Know - Walk off the Earth (Gotye - Cover)

    3. KONY 2012

    4. "Call Me Maybe" by Carly Rae Jepsen - Feat. Justin Bieber, Selena, Ashley Tisdale & MORE!

    5. Barack Obama vs Mitt Romney. Epic Rap Battles Of History Season 2



    8. Dubstep Violin - Lindsey Stirling - Crystallize

    9. Facebook Parenting: For the troubled teen

    10. Felix Baumgartner's supersonic freefall from 128k' - Mission Highlights

    I originally found this story on Billboard.com

  • NASA explains why the world won't end Friday

    Posted by Otis Day

    NASA released a video dated December 22nd, and titled "Why the World Didn't End Yesterday."

    Among their so-called reasons: The Maya never predicted any such doomsday and the whole thing was just a big "misconception from the very beginning."

    This is great and all...but if they're wrong, will the cockroaches still be around to tell them they're wrong?

  • The Voice's emotional tribute to Sandy Hook victims

    Posted by Otis Day

    It's impossible to make sense of the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School. The Voice did an amazing job of honoring the victims...the children, teachers, and supervisors who lost their lives in this terrible tragedy. Take a few minutes to watch this amazing performance if you get a chance.

  • Bruno Mars ties two other big stars for most #1's

    Posted by Otis Day

    After Bruno Mars took his track "Locked Out of Heaven" to No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100, it became his fifth Pop Songs No. 1. That tied him with Nelly and Justin Timberlake for the most leaders among solo males.

    Here's a look at the male soloists with the most No. 1s since 1992:

    5--Bruno Mars


    5--Justin Timberlake

    4--Flo Rida

    3--Chris Brown




    3--Kanye West

    Katy Perry and Rihanna lead all artists with nine Pop Songs No. 1s each.

  • Madonna has biggest grossing tour of 2012(now if she could only get a hit?)

    Posted by Otis Day

    According to Billboard, Madonna‘s MDNA tour was the year's highest-grossing tour.

    After 72 sold-out shows, Madge made $228,406,085.

    Her rival Lady Gaga came in at No. 6 with $124,879,545 from her Born This Way Ball.

    Jay-Z and Kanye West‘s Watch The Throne tour made $46,986,464 on just 31 shows. That was good enough for ninth.

    Coldplay at was in at No. 5 with $147,188,828, Justin Bieber was at No. 20 with $30,667,737 and Taylor Swift came in at No. 24 with $26,310,160.



  • SNL pays tribute to victims of Newtown tragedy**VIDEO**

    Posted by Otis Day

    "Saturday Night Live" opened with a performance of "Silent Night" by the New York City Children's Chorus, in light of Friday's Newtown, Connecticut school shooting.

    The show, hosted by "SNL" alum Martin Short, was filled with cameos by stars such as Tom Hanks, Tina Fey, Samuel L. Jackson, Jimmy Fallon and Kristen Wiig.


  • How to talk to your kids about today's school shooting

    Posted by Otis Day

    After hearing about the horrific events at the elementary school in connecticut, I know most of us just want to get home and give our kids, and our loved ones a hug.

    But then what? What happens next?

    In today's world, it's ridiculous to think they won't hear at least something about it. How do you talk to them about it? What do you say?

    It depends largely on their age...and your relationship with them. But here are a few useful guidelines that may help you.

    More information if you click here.

    There are more tips here.

    If you missed the President talking about the shooting today, you can listen below.


  • iTunes best of 2012

    Posted by Otis Day

    iTunes released lists of the top downloaded songs and albums of the year with Adele and Carly Rae Jepsen topping the lists.

    Adele's 21 was the top album of 2012 and Carly Rae Jepsen's hit "Call Me Maybe" was the top song of the year.

    "Breaking Bad" was the most-watched TV show on iTunes this year.

    Top albums

    1 Adele, 21

    2 Taylor Swift, Red

    3 Mumford & Sons, Babel

    4 One Direction, Up All Night

    5 Fun., Some Nights

    6 Mumford & Sons, Sigh No More

    7 The Lumineers, The Lumineers

    8 John Mayer, Born and Raised

    9 Maroon 5, Overexposed

    10 Jason Aldean, Night Train

    Top tracks

    1 Carly Rae Jepsen, Call Me Maybe

    2 Gotye, Somebody That I Used to Know

    3 Fun., We Are Young

    4 Maroon 5, Payphone (feat. Wiz Khalifa)

    5 Nicki Minaj, Starships

    6 One Direction, What Makes You Beautiful

    7 Kelly Clarkson, Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You)

    8 Fun., Some Nights

    9 Flo Rida, Whistle

    10 Flo Rida, Wild Ones (feat. Sia)

  • The number one top earning woman in music for 2012 was...

    Posted by Otis Day

    Britney Spears made $58 million over the past year, more than any other woman in the music industry. Her "Femme Fatale" album was certified platinum in the U.S. and her tour made up for most of the cash. Endorsements and a fragrance line added millions more.

    Spears beat out Taylor Swift, who came in at No. 2 with $57 million. Taylor made most of her money on the road as well, making over $1 million per night. She also got big money from endorsements with CoverGirl and Sony and there's more cash on the way. Her latest album, "Red", sold 1.2 million units its opening week, the best debut by any artist since 2002.

    Rihanna was third with $53 million. Along with touring money and her hits, she cashed in on endorsements with Vita Coco and Nivea, as well as her fragrance Reb'l Fleur.

    No. 4 was Lady Gaga with $52 million and Katy Perry rounded out the top five with $45 million.

    Other ladies on the list included Madonna with $30 million, Beyoncé with $40 million (she'll earn even more next year when her $50 million deal with Pepsi kicks in), and Nicki Minaj, who barely missed the top ten.

    I got this from yahoo.com