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  • Similac Baby Formula Recall

    Posted by Otis Day

    The Similac recall includes:

    • all lots of Similac formula powder product lines offered in plastic containers, including 1.38-lb, 1.45-lb and 2.12-lb containers
    • certain lots of Similac formula powder product lines offered in sizes such as 8-ounce, 12.4-ounce and 12.9-ounce cans
    • Similac formula powder in 8-ounce sample cans that could have been given out in doctor's offices and hospitals

    The Similac recall does not affect Similac ready-to-feed or concentrated baby formula or any specialty baby formulas, such Similac Expert Care Alimentum or Similac Expert Care Neosure. Up to 5 million Similac-brand powder baby formulas that were sold in the U.S., Puerto Rico, Guam and some Caribbean countries may be affected by the Similac recall though.


  • Oops!

    Posted by Otis Day

    This is a digital billboard in South Bend, Indiana.  Call the irony police!

    Billboard spelled wrong it says 15 best things about pubic schools


    The billboard said "pubic" instead of "public" schools. The letter "L" had been left out of the word public.

    One man posted the picture he took on Facebook. He also emailed it to his neighbor, South Bend's School Superintendent.

    The company that does work for the city's redevelopment commission claims responsiblity.

    The missing 'L' was added to the billboard.

  • Or you could just scoop it like the rest of us

    Posted by Otis Day

    I have 2 cats.  Yes...I'm a cat guy.  Less effort than a dog.  I don't have time for a dog.  It's almost harder to have dogs than kids.  So I went with cats.  Kitty Litter is a problem.  The solution I found is to SCOOP THE STUFF OUT AND THROW IT IN THE TRASH EVERY DAY!  It's not that tough.  But people get lazy and you end up with products like this. 


  • Are photo albums a thing of the past?

    Posted by Otis Day

    I remember growing up how big taking a picture was.  You didn't get many on a role, and it's not super cheap to get them developed.  So the good ones made it into photo albums.  My mom was GREAT at these.  She'd do mini ones from trips we went on, birthdays, anniversaries, etc.  She'd write when/where/and maybe a fun caption under them.  It was Facebook before facebook.  You'd look through them together.  Talk and laugh about what was happening at the time.  It became another moment...a family memory. 

    Are those times gone?  I take so many picutures it's insane.  And each one I can add to Facebook right away.  Caption and all.  I do it so often my phone has too many for me to have the time/money to take them in and get them all printed, just to slowly lay them out in albums, and then have to write out the captions by hand.  Whew.  Have they gone the way of corded phones?  Now just a distant memory and constant reminder that yes, I am old(in my daughters eyes.)

    Without photo albums from the past, I wouldn't be able to get this picture up on my blog today.  It's of my Mom(Sharon) and my Dad(Dick) on the day they were married.  May 4, 1964 looks pretty cool to me.  

    Mom and Dad

  • Spoiler Alert!

    Posted by Otis Day

    And by the way....."Rosebud" was his sled.

  • Let's Dance

    Posted by Otis Day

    This was really fun to watch. 

  • Feel Good Time

    Posted by Otis Day

    We can all learn something from the dog and the dolphin.  Look to the animals!

    Everything in my life reminds me of a Seinfeld episode.  This reminded me of the Black and White Cookie.  "Look to the cookie, Elaine!  Look to the cookie."

  • My new favorite song

    Posted by Otis Day

    I have like 15 favorite songs right now.  This is one of them.  And it's rare that a great video comes with it.  This has both.  It says what you can't or won't or wanted to but didn't or are fearful you will. 

    This is Every Avenue "Tell Me I'm A Wreck."