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  • Ladies...signs you should dump him

    Posted by Otis Day

    I got this from mydailymoment.com and thought it was worth reading. Most of this is common sense, but sometimes love...or perceived love...can blind you.

    1. He isn't supportive--The modern woman expects a true life partner. They don't take care of a man anymore or put their needs on the backburner for his. Non-supportive traits include:

    *Making fun of or belittling your goals and ambitions in career or life

    *Making you feel guilty for spending time at work

    *Not helping around the house

    *Ignoring you in times of need or distress

    *Pressuring you into making life decisions like quitting your job, moving or having children

    *If you bring it up and he still doesn't get it, dump him.

    2. You can't be yourself around him—If you play a character who you think he wants you to be, it builds a relationship based on lies and can also hurt your emotional well-being. Lying about your job or considering a breast enhancement just to impress someone or to fit into their "ideal" is a bad idea. The best partners are the ones who make you feel great in your own skin and who you can relax around. If you reveal your true self to someone you're dating, and he doesn't appreciate your true colors, dump him.

    3. He's a user--We all know the type - the freeloader who spends his days in the coffee shop, nights playing in a band and lives with his parents. But users aren't always easy to spot. It might start slowly when he "forgets" his wallet or has his car "repaired," but if you notice that these situations are becoming more normal than exceptions, it's time to run. A real relationship consists of contributions from both sides, not just emotionally but also financially. If you think he's taking advantage of your generosity, dump him.

    4. He doesn't get along with your friends and/or family--What would life be without your girlfriends? Any person you are seriously considering dating also will most likely spend time with the people in your life who you care about. If you find that he and your friends or family are getting into fights, he talks to them inappropriately or talks about them badly in public, dump him.

    Any relationship should end immediately, no matter what, if the following things occur:

    *He is physically abusive

    *He is verbally or emotionally abusive

    *He threatens you or your friends and family

    *He steals from you

    *He cheats on you

    *He habitually lies to you

  • NBC is replacing Jay Leno...again.

    Posted by Otis Day

    Jay Leno's time at the "Tonight Show" may finally be coming to an end... for real this time.

    The Huffington post ran an article saying according to "two high-level industry sources", NBC will announce in May that Jimmy Fallon is replacing Leno in 2014.

    It's not surprising, but the network denied the rumor.

    The sources said the change comes down to stiffer competition for a younger audience. They think NBC will do better against Jimmy Kimmel if they skew the Tonight Show younger with Fallon.

    I still like Craig Ferguson the most, and not just because of this picture.

    Otis Day and Craig Ferguson

  • Things you have to explain to your kids

    Posted by Otis Day

    I was reading on one of my favorite sites, Buzzfeed.com, about things you'll need to explain to your kids one day. Get the complete list here.

    1. How sometimes when you called your friends, you'd have to talk to their parents first.

    2. How writing a paper meant poring through encyclopedias.

    3. Smoking and non-smoking sections in restaurants.

    4. How taking a road trip meant buying a MAP first.

    5. And how hard it was to fold back up.

    6. How your parents would give you a 'friends and family calling card' when you went to camp.

    7. How T9 texting changed everything.

    8. What FILM was.

    9. And having to fill out one of these.

    10. And having no idea how the photos came out.

    11. How you used to pay for internet by the hour.

    12. Talking to your friends meant actually seeing them face-to-face.

    13. Dialing *69 to find out who called you.

    14. Taping a song off the radio so you could hear it whenever you wanted.

    15. But if you didn't have a fancy boom box, you'd hold a handheld tape recorder up to the speaker, and your mom would yell something in the background and ruin it.

    16. How voicemail could only be played out loud... on an 'answering machine'.

    17. Doing math problems on an overhead projector.

    18. Not knowing what other people were doing if you weren't with them.

    19. How family movie night meant driving to a Blockbuster video store.

    20. How the only way to get song lyrics was if the artist printed them in the CD booklet.

    21. How TV listings in the paper (or the TV Guide) was the only way to know what was on television.

    22. When your mom left to go to the store, there was no way to reach her.

  • Why is the Tooth fairy giving so much money?

    Posted by Otis Day

    The Tooth Fairy is now leaving an average of $2.42 under children's pillows. What? That's crazy. Why would the Tooth Fairy leave change? That's just wrong.

    A dental association surveyed parents and caregivers and found the average was $2.42.  That's a 15% increase from the average $2.10 given in 2011.

    Experts say (hope?) that could be proof that the economy is getting better.

    Read the full story at dailymail.co.uk

  • Cure for insomnia

    Posted by Otis Day

    Parent's catch their lil' guy curing his insomnia by doing face plants in his crib...over and over and over and over and over again. And it's pretty funny. I read about it at yahoo.com


  • What artist is backing out of Kimmel because "Duck Dynasty" is on tonight?

    Posted by Otis Day

    Morrissey fans won't be seeing him perform tonight on "Jimmy Kimmel Live".

    The English singer and animal activist cancelled his performance because Kimmel's also chatting with the stars of A&E's reality show "Duck Dynasty", who make products for duck hunters.

    A rep said: "Morrissey is thankful for being invited to perform on Jimmy Kimmel Live.... . However, he cannot morally be on a television program where the cast members of Duck Dynasty will also be guests. Morrissey would be honored to play the show, if Duck Dynasty were removed."

    Morrissey stated, "As far as my reputation is concerned, I can't take the risk of being on a show alongside people who, in effect, amount to animal serial killers. If Jimmy cannot dump Duck Dynasty, then we must step away."

    I read this on eonline.com

    It's also at hollywoodreporter.com

  • Didn't win an Oscar? Don't worry, here's your gift bag worth $45,000!!

    Posted by Otis Day

    Even the non-winners at the Oscars go home pretty happy. The gift bag handed out to all the nominees and presenters is worth about $45,000.

    The consolation prize included trips to Hawaii and Mexico, personal training sessions, condoms, a bottle of tequila, cosmetic treatments, and a one-year membership to London's Heathrow Airport's private VIP service.

    This year's swag bags also included a $12,000 trip to Australia, a $600 acupuncture appointment and a package of 10 personal training sessions valued at $850.


    ** The prizes are delivered to the doors of the losers the day after the Oscars, and they can only be used by the nominees who receive them.

    I read about this on dailymail.co.uk



  • The most miserable city in the US is Detroit

    Posted by Otis Day

    Detroit was named the most miserable city in the United States.

    FORBES mag cited Detroit's violent crimes, high unemployment, dwindling population and financial problems.

    It beat out Miami, which held the title last year, Flint, Michigan, Rockford and Chicago in Illinois and Modesto, California.

    Detroit's has been on a four decade decline with the worst crime rates in teh country and unemployment at 11.3 percent.


    (Forbes looked at 200 of the country's largest urban areas and ranked them on factors including crime rates, foreclosures, taxes, home prices, commute times, weather and decreasing populations.)

  • Could this woman be the first female to play in the NFL

    Posted by Otis Day

    Lauren Silberman

    I was reading a story on MSN.com about 28-year-old college soccer player Lauren Silberman. She's taking advantage of a new NFL rule made to focus on gender equality.

    She's showing up to NFL kicking tryouts next month and will be making history by being the first woman to participate in the event.

    Is this a good thing?