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  • Real er no?

    Posted by Otis Day

    I learned to drive in downtown Madison.  4 Blocks from Camp Randall and one block from Madison West High School, where you have no choice but to search for Parking.  We lived above a little grocery store my step-father ran and had no driveway to park in.  A lot of times I'd have to park blocks away.  Being blocks from Campus made everyday busy, so you also had to learn to parallel park.  It's something I can almost do with my eyes closed now...and of course I rarely need it here. 

    This lady has an interesting solution to the parking problem in her city.  But I'm not totally sold on the fact that this is real.  Seriously...of all the times for you to be filming nothing out of your car window you suddenly find somebody with this super intricate plan to give her a space where ever she needs one?  I don't know...it's cool but......real er no?

  • Grab your tissue...I'm a cryer

    Posted by Otis Day

    I'm a softie.  I admit it.  I have no trouble with it.  I cry a lot.  Sometimes a good song can get me close(if it has some history....Holly Holy from Neil Diamond is one).  It's not only sad stuff...but sometimes happy things too.  It's weird to me when I hear people say they don't cry.  I bet I do once a week.  Maybe that's wrong?  I don't know....I've never known any other way.  We are emotional beings.  That's one of the big differences between us and animals.  That and we know we'll die someday. 

    It really get's me when I see people get excited about things you and I take for granted.  This video really got me.  Wow....what an amazing sight.  This baby was born deaf.  He had cochlear implants put in and this video is when the doctors turned them on for the first time.  He's never heard his mothers voice until right now. 

  • WOW!

    Posted by Otis Day

    This is the reason I never understand the fear of flying.  The same people scared of the safest form of travel get into their cars, trucks, and vans every day and go out into the world full of idiots like this!  Wait till the last one...it'll blow you away.

  • Wedding Proposal gone....right?

    Posted by Otis Day

    There's something that bothers me when guys ask thier girlfriend to marry them in front of people.  It feels like a private moment to me.  What if she doesn't want to yet?  Sometimes I think that's why guys do it...they don't want to have to deal with the pressure of possible failure and feel better in front of a group.  They can show off thier "group dynamic" and the risk of a "no" feels further away.  In other words....WIMPS! 

    This one's just silly.  Seriously...are you gonna invite everyone over when you conceive your first child too?  Maybe you could have them on standby with cameras ready to roll  just in case you feel some hesitation. 

  • I'm out of my mind mad at this!

    Posted by Otis Day

    You see a lot of bad paranting in this world.  I see unsupervised kids running around the neighborhood with no Mom or Dad anywhere to be found, never coming out to check on them, no dinner to be home for, nobody checking homework or making lunch. 

    But when you see something like this, it just makes you SOOOOOO angry!  This is the worst form of parenting in the world.  Babies only know what  you teach them.  So somebody taught this kid to smoke like a college kid on spring break.  And then what...invited people to come film it?  Seriously?  Take this kid away and give it to my neighbors who don't watch their children at all and he'll be way better off.  This is horendous.  It's outrageous.  It's unconscionable.

    Here's the story from myfoxphilly.com

    Smoking Baby Causes Video Controversy

    A baby from Sumatra in Indonesia who is a chain smoker has a lot of people upset.

    The video shows a two-year-old in the Indonesia province who may be addicted to nicotine. The video has been overwhelmingly condemned on the Internet.

    Ardi Rizal, the baby, is seen in news video puffing away as he allegedly smokes two packs of cigarettes a day.

    Government officials have reportedly offered the family a new car if it can get the toddler

    Rizal’s parents have been quoted as saying the child throws a tantrum when they refuse to give him a cigarette.

    His father allegedly gave him his first smoke when he was just 18 months old

  • Easy to please

    Posted by Otis Day

    This is cute and all...but shouldn't mom or dad put down the camera and get her off the freaking sink?  Seriously!  It can't be safe and it's certainly not sanitary.  Cute doesn't keep the ankle from breaking when she slips on some water.  Come on....don't be so excited about getting a youtube moment on your phone that you lose all sense of parenting.

    But still....it IS really cute.

  • Watch to at LEAST 1:30....AMAZING Hail storm!!!

    Posted by Otis Day


    This incredible hail storm was filmed in Oklahoma...a state I lived in for 6 years during the mid 90's.  I gotta say, the storms there WERE incredible.  I remember driving up the the station to help out once with 100 MPH Straight wind gusts blowing everything everywhere.  As i got to the station, a huge bolt of lightning came down on a country house about a mile away, and started a crazy fire.  We lost all power in most of the city and our station was off the air for 3 days. 

    But I've never seen hail like this!

  • Eat the Muffin

    Posted by Otis Day

    So they brought Muffins into work.  Well, muffins and bagels and donuts.  Pretty awesome!  And as always in our breakroom....people do unexplainable things.  Like who the heck eats just the muffin top and leaves the bottom in the box?  Look, I understand just wanting to eat the muffin top.  It's sweet, it's hard, it tastes delicious.  I get it.  But then commit to the muffin and take the whole thing.  You don't have to eat the whole thing...But TAKE THE REST OF THE DAMN MUFFIN!!!!! 

    half eaten muffin

    What are you thinking we're gonna do with what you left us here.  You think someones gonna walk in and go, "Oh!  Thank god...there's a half eaten cranberry muffin left.  Whew!"  Seriously....take the whole thing.  What's wrong with you?

    This goes on all the time here.  Half eaten donuts.  Someone taking two bites from a cookie and putting it back.  Why?  The trash can 5 feet in the corner just too far?  Maybe you're thinking you're gonna come back and finish the pile of muffin remains later?  Look...new policy in the breakroom starting today.  FINISH THE MUFFIN! 

    I'm pretty sure this doesn't happen any where else.  I don't want us to look uncivilized.

  • 6th grader rocks Gaga

    Posted by Otis Day

    When I was in 6th grade I quit piano.  My mom really wanted me to continue, but I just wasn't interested anymore.  My sister kept going and moved on to other instruments and now makes a living playing in a Symphony and teaching privately....but I still get to play music, just not the way Mom imagined.  Had I been as good as this kid....maybe I would have showed up for practice a bit more.  Of course....if I had practiced more....maybe I would have been as good as this kid.

  • Gaga over Michael Bolton

    Posted by Otis Day

    Lady Gaga and Michael Bolton recorded a song together.  Don't get excited though....that does not automatically make Bolton cool again.  I mean seriously...."Time, Love and Tenderness" takes 20-50 years to get over.  But still....thought you may like to decide for yourself.