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  • The best songs to work out to....

    Posted by Otis Day

    I read this article on today.com

    According to Spotify, there's an increase in workout-related playlists in early January. No surprise, but what's interesting is the playlists. It turns out that men work out to hip hop while women work out to dance tracks.

    Spotify analyzed over 2.8 million workout-related playlists and found that men workout to artists such as Eminem, Kanye West, and Jay-Z while dance tracks by Ke$ha, David Guetta, and Bruno Mars filled up female playlists.

    Eminem's "'Till I Collapse." Kanye West's "Clique," Macklemore & Ryan Lewis' "Thrift Shop," and Swedish House Mafia's "Don't You Worry Child" topped the guy's workout tunes, and in that order.

    Ke$ha's "Die Young" topped the workout tracks of the ladies, followed by will.i.am's "Scream & Shout," Calvin Harris' "Sweet Nothing," and David Guetta's "Titanium."

    Looking at the playlists belonging to both sexes together, Ke$ha's "Die Young" is still in the top spot, followed by will.i.am's "Scream & Shout" and Macklemore & Ryan Lewis' "Thrift Shop."

    This is how the top ten spots on the combined ranking look:

    1. "Die Young" by Ke$ha

    2. "Scream & Shout" by will.i.am

    3. "Thrift Shop" by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

    4. "Don't You Worry Child" by Swedish House Mafia

    5. "Sweet Nothing" by Calvin Harris

    6. "I Cry" by Flo Rida

    7. "Clique" by Kanye West

    8. "Titanium" by David Guetta

    9. "Gangnam Style" by Psy

    10. "Locked Out Of Heaven" by Bruno Mars

    Get the full story and the list here.

  • Grope er no? Bieber gets freaky with a fan**PICTURE**

    Posted by Otis Day

    Justin and a female fan

    This story has been all over the place today, I first read about it on starpulse.com

    Justin Bieber seems to have groped a female fan during a picture, but his rep and the girl in the pic are denying he did anything.

    In the pic, Justin has his arm around the shoulder of the fan and is kissing her cheek, but his other hand seems to be reaching for her chest.

    The picture was on the bieberfever.com website for a minute before it was taken down, but by then, it was too late.

    Speaking of the girl, she defended Justin by Tweeting: "IM DYING HAHAHAHHAHA IT LOOKS LIKE JUSTIN'S TOUCHING MY BOOB IN THE PICTURE AHAHAHAHHA. People can think what they want but I know what really happened & Justin does too so everyone else's opinions don't matter to me."

    His rep said: "That definitely did not happen. He was pulling away from her."

    So......grope er no?


  • Super Bowl prediction by a computer that almost always gets it right

    Posted by Otis Day

    PredictionMachine.com, a website that predicts the outcome of sporting events based on computer models, ran the 49ers vs. Ravens match-up through their system 50,000 times to see what the most likely outcome of the game will be.

    The 49ers won the game 67% of the time, and scored an average of seven points more than the Ravens in the simulations, with San Francisco outgaining the Ravens by an average of 85 yards per game.

    Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco completed an average of 20.9 of 35.3 passes per game, with 1.3 touchdowns and 0.8 interceptions.

    The 49ers' Colin Kaepernick completed an average of 17.2 of 28.8 passes, for 1.6 touchdowns and 0.8 interceptions, and rushed for 38 yards.

    This particular computer model has predicted the correct winner of seven of the last nine Super Bowls.

    I read this at philadelphia.cbslocal.com

  • Shoes er no?

    Posted by Otis Day

    My son (who turns 8 on Saturday!!) got this sheet from his school to remind me to send tennis shoes with him to school.

    School Paper telling us to bring shoes

    I thought it was a bit funny, because the shoes I got him were from the tennis shoe section at the store, and they look very similar to the shoes in the picture on the paper the school sent home. Am I crazy?

    Hudson's shoe

    You can't tell from the picture that it's not made out of "boot" material. It's a tennis shoe material(or what we call tennis shoes...even though it's unlikely you'd play tennis in them) and it was purchased in the tennis shoe section...not the boot section. Plus...when he goes outside on snowy days, they won't let him use these on the snow...because they're not boots. So.....what the heck are these?

    Gym shoes er no?

  • This can't be true: Men are now saying "no" to sex more than women?

    Posted by Otis Day

    I was reading this article on dailymail.co.uk that said more men are now turning down sex with their partner than women.

    I think this is crap!

    Researchers found that 62% of men say they turn down sex more frequently than their female partner.

    And to get out of sex, men used several excuses including.... being too tired and stressed out about work.

    Researchers found the real reason men don't want to have sex is they are uncomfortable with their body.


    1.   Too tired (45%)

    2.   Stressed about work (39%)

    3.   Headache (33%)

    4.  Too full (29%)

    5.   Something on TV (24%)


  • *VIDEO*Did this guy make a half court shot to win a car? Insurance company says "no."

    Posted by Otis Day

    We've all seen those wacky half-court shots where someone from the crowd tries to win an amazing prize, but more often than not the ball completely misses.

    In Bridgeport, Connecticut, Fairfield was playing Loyola and fan won the opportunity to sink a half-court shot for a free car from the Tri-State Chevy dealers. He gripped the ball, took a hop-step forward, and BOOM, bucket! Free car, right?

    Not so fast.

    The guy didn't immediately win his car, and not just because he didn't call glass before banking his shot off the backboard. His foot may have gone over the imaginary half-court line.

    Good news for the guy who made the shot: the local Chevy dealers stepped up and didn't wait for the insurance company to make its verdict. They gave him the car, a Chevy Cruze. The dealership said "it was the right thing to do."


  • Husband pours horse manure over wife’s convertible after he found her online dating profile*VIDEO*

    Posted by Otis Day

    I feel like this could be staged....but it's making the rounds. It's almost too perfect. A husband finds his wifes dating profile online. He gets his revenge and even puts a "snappy" comment on a Valentines Day card and leaves it for her. We don't get her reaction though....and again, it all feels too perfect.

    So....yah er no on this? Is this real? Is it fair? Would you do it if you found out your man/woman was searching for love online?

  • High School Teen's daring move, and a dad that couldn't be more proud*VIDEO*

    Posted by Otis Day

    A high school senior (Jacob Rudolph) from N.J. went up to accept an award for acting, and stunned his fellow classmates, teachers, family, and friends by explaining to them all he's been "acting" his whole life.

    He came out to a room full o f 300 plus people....and got a standing ovation!!

    Here's part of what he said: Most of you see me every day. You see me acting the part of "straight" Jacob, when I am in fact LGBT. Unlike millions of other LGBT teens who have had to act every day to avoid verbal harassment and physical violence, I'm not going to do it anymore. It's time to end the hate in our society and accept the people for who they are regardless of their sex, race, orientation, or whatever else may be holding back love and friendship. So take me, leave me, or move me out of the way. Because I am what I am, and that's how I'm going to act from now on.

    His dad put it on Youtube initially just for family and friends, but it's taken off from there. Dad said what his son did "took more guts to do than anything I've ever attempted in my life."

    Get the full story from yahoo.com

  • Yay!!! It's THURSDAY!!!!!!!

    Posted by Otis Day

    Otis and Melinda

    According to a new study (I read it at telegraph.co.uk)… women look their oldest at 3:30 p.m. on Wednesday.

    12% of women find Wednesday the most stressful day of the week and two thirds experience a slump in energy levels mid-afternoon every Wednesday.

    They say the highest stress levels on Wednesday combined with the natural mid-afternoon slump is why women can look older than their years on the day.

    The study also found that Thursday is the day women are most likely to have sex and Friday is the happiest day of the week.

    So.......YAY!!!! IT'S THURSDAY!!!!!!!

  • Brand new Prince music

    Posted by Otis Day

    Here is a new song from Prince....well, for as long as it stays up. It's called "Screwdriver"

  • Subway being sued over "footlongs" not being a foot long. Seriously?

    Posted by Otis Day

    Subway sub

    Why did I know this would happen? This is ridiculous. It's a freaking sub sandwich. What if they measured 1 foot 1 inch...would they sue then? This makes me hate people.  

    I got the story at philly.com, but I've summed it up below.

    Two Subway customers have sued the chain because their "footlong" sandwiches came up a little short.

    The lawsuit by two New Jersey men comes after last week's customer compaints regarding sandwiches which measured about a half-inch short.

    Subway explained that the baking process at individual stores led to inconsistencies, and had not seen the lawsuit.

    A lawyer says the chain is shorting customers about 45 cents a sandwich.