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  • Texting Turn-Ons and Turn-Offs

    Posted by Rachel Reinke

    Texting is the new "first step" in dating, so it's important that you're doing it right.  To help you out, we've got a list of three texting TURN-ONS and three TURN-OFFS.  Listen up . . .


    Three texting turn-ONS are . . .

    1.  Jokes.  Sarcasm and jokes are a great way to break the ice while keeping things light.

    2.  Movie Quotes.  Movie quotes are always a good use of a flirty text.  Like, if you both love the movie "Anchorman", try responding to a text with a fitting quote they'll know.  (Just don't go full Ron Burgundy and call someone a "dirty pirate hooker.")

    3.  Asking Them Out.  Traditionally, you should ask someone out with a phone call.  But you can lay the groundwork with a text asking them if they're free to hang out that weekend, then follow up on the phone to firm up plans.


    And three texting TURN-OFFS are . . .

    1.  Using Lame Abbreviations.  Texting is supposed to be quick and fun, but using made-up word abbreviations like "totes amaze" and "cray" comes off as immature, or like you're trying too hard.  Or both.

    2.  Spelling Mistakes.  You don't have to use perfect punctuation and grammar, but it gets annoying if you're constantly sending texts with tons of spelling mistakes.

    3.  Using Friend-Zone Terms.  Using words like "friend" and "buddy" in your texts is THE fastest way to let someone know you're not that into them.

  • You Are More Beautiful Than You Think

    Posted by Rachel Reinke

    I can't speak for the guys, but I can definitely speak for the women.  We have very harsh perspectives on ourselves when it comes to beauty.  We do everything and anything to make ourselves younger looking and thinner.  We are most always are hardest beauty crtic.  Dove recently did a social experiement that proves something very important: As they say, you are more beautiful than you think.


  • How Many Calories Are You Drinking From Your Favorite Beer?

    Posted by Rachel Reinke


    It's the weekend, so most undoubtedly lots of you (me included) will be indulging in some of your favorite beverages. Ever wonder how many calories are in some of our favorite beers? Here is a list of 16 different beers and their calories from yahoo!.


    Beck's Premier Light
    64 calories per 12 ounces

    Amstel Light
    95 calories per 12 ounces

    Anchor Porter
    209 calories per 12 ounces

    145 calories per 12 ounces

    149 calories per 12 ounces

    Corona Light
    105 calories per 12 ounces

    Corona Extra
    148 calories per 12 ounces

    Guinness Draught
    125 calories per 12 ounces

    Lagunitas Pils
    180 calories per 12 ounces

    Magic Hat #9
    146 calories per 12 ounces

    Michelob Original Lager
    155 calories per 12 ounces

    Miller High Life
    143 calories per 12 ounces

    Miller Lite
    96 calories per 12 ounces

    Red Stripe
    153 calories per 12 ounces

    Rolling Rock
    132 calories per 12 ounces


    But if you're like me, after a couple of beers you probably aren't worried about counting calories anymore so just enjoy that beer. ;-)

  • 5 Traits That Make You A Good Catch

    Posted by Rachel Reinke

    There are supposedly five big traits that make someone a great catch.  So be on the lookout . . . and if you've been struggling to find a date recently, it might be because you're lacking in one of these five areas . . .

    1.  Confidence.  Simply put, confidence is sexy.  So if you're lacking it, you should work on that before throwing yourself into the dating pool.

    2.  A Sense of Humor.   Without laughter and a sense of humor, a relationship will get boring or fall into a rut pretty quickly.  The more you can laugh together, the stronger your connection will be.

    3.  A Positive Attitude.  We're not saying you have to be cheery every moment of every day . . . but nobody wants to be stuck with someone who has a complaint about everything, or is never satisfied.

    4.  Passion.  Like confidence, passion is another sexy trait.  Without it, life can get pretty mundane.  But we're not just talking about passion in the bedroom.  We mean passion for ANYTHING . . . your work, a hobby, whatever.

    5.  Kindness.  The cliché that "nice guys finish last" might apply to hooking up . . . but not dating.  Kindness is THE most underrated trait.  And when it's combined with the other traits we've mentioned, it really makes you stand out.

  • Four Places to Meet Someone That Are Better Than a Bar

    Posted by Rachel Reinke

    If you're like me and you're single, everytime you go out anywhere you kind of wonder if you're going to meet someone to date (or at least I hope it's not just me).  Well, we people in our mid-twenties have a tendency to hang out in the bar scene quite often in hopes of meeting someone.  Let's face it, there has to be a better place and time to meet someone then when we are three sheets to the wind and our judgment is slightly altered.

    Here are some better places to meet someone. Maybe I will start hanging out in these places since the bar scene doesn't seem to be working out so well. ;-)

    1.  The Gym.  The key is to talk to someone while they're inbetween exercises.  If you start hitting on them while they're running, or in the middle of a set, your chances go way down.

    And if you're a guy, don't go up to a woman and comment on how toned one of her body parts is.  It won't sound flattering, you'll just come off like a creeper.


    2.  Concerts.  People at concerts are already in a friendly mood, and it's easy to start a conversation:  All you have to do is talk about the band.  It also helps that everyone's a little buzzed and relaxed.  It's like a bar without the pressure to meet someone.


    3.  Volunteering.  The fact you're volunteering in the first place shows you're passionate about something, which is pretty much universally attractive.  And since THEY'RE passionate about the same thing, there's a chance you'll have some chemistry.


    4.  Any Kind of Team Event.  As in, go join a kickball league or an Ultimate Frisbee team.  It doesn't matter what it is, just as long as it involves a large group of people.

    Obviously, things that don't involve as many people, or only involve friends . . . like a bowling team . . . aren't as good.


  • 5 Bad Habits That May Actually Be Good For You

    Posted by Rachel Reinke

    According to medical research, your mother was WRONG about a lot of stuff.  Here are five bad habits that it turns out are actually GOOD for you.   

    1.   BITING YOUR NAILS helps expose your body to new germs . . . but in very small numbers.  That lets your immune system prepare antibodies to fight them without the risk of getting sick.  And picking your nose and eating it does the same thing.

    2.  BURPING protects your body from getting damaged by stomach acid.  If you leave the gas inside, it can loosen the muscle that separates your stomach from your esophagus, and allow stomach acid to splash out and cause heartburn.

    3.  PASSING GAS prevents you from having a buildup of gas in your intestines.  And that can cause damage . . . or at least a lot of pain.   

    4.  EATING IN BED can help you digest your food better.  Stress causes your body to interrupt digestion . . . so if you're relaxed and horizontal, your body breaks everything down completely.

    5.  SPITTING helps your breathing . . . especially if you're exercising.  When you exercise, you breathe through your mouth, which causes inflammation in your throat.  So spitting helps to clear your breathing passages.




  • Roger Ebert Gave Bad Reviews to Some Classic Films

    Posted by Rachel Reinke

    ROGER EBERT was probably the most respected movie critic EVER. Sadly he passed away yesterday after battling several different cancers over the past 11 years.  But there were plenty of movies he panned that were widely considered CLASSICS. Here are some of those films that he didn't like, but most people did....

    "A Clockwork Orange"

    "Donnie Darko"

    "Dead Poets Society"

    "Fight Club"

    "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas"

    "Reservoir Dogs"

    "Full Metal Jackets"

    "Straw Dogs"

    "Blue Velvet"

    "Fast Times at Ridgemont High"

    "Harold and Maude"

    "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid"

    "Leon: The Professional"

    Was he wrong on some of the films? I think so.  "Fast Times at Ridgemont High", "Fight Club", "Dead Poets Society", "Harold and Maude" and "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid"for sure he was wrong on in my opinion.

    Right or wrong he was still a FANTASTIC film critic and will be greatly missed in the land of Hollywood.


    ROGER EBERT ~ JUNE 18, 1942 - APRIL 4, 2013


  • 7 Worst Break-Up Lines

    Posted by Rachel Reinke


    This is just one columnist's opinion . . . not the results of a survey or anything . . . but supposedly these are the seven worst break-up lines.  And it's hard to argue with the choices . . .


    #1.)  "It's not you . . . It's me."

    #2.)  "I'm moving . . . so we should break up."

    #3.)  "This was incredible . . . but I'm not ready for a relationship yet."

    #4.)  "I'm not attracted to you anymore."

    #5.)  "I need my own space."

    #6.)  "I can't see you anymore, because I think your sister is hotter."  (???)

    #7.)  "I can't do this anymore."


    It seems that there are some missing from this list.  I would think that "Let's just be friends." would be on the list.  As well as, "You're just not my type." and "This isn't working".

    What do you think? Are these the worst break-up lines? Is there a break-up line that you have heard or said that is worse?


  • 5 Warning Signs of Bad Tax Preparation Services

    Posted by Rachel Reinke

    If you're running out of time to file your tax return, you might be tempted to throw everything on a tax professional.  So here are five tips from MSN Money to help you spot the ones who are more trouble than they're worth.


    #1.)  They promise a big refund.  Not everyone who files gets a refund.  So if someone PROMISES to get you a refund without completing your return, it could mean they're ready to file a FALSE return if necessary.  Or that they're full of it.

    #2.)  They don't have proper credentials.  You're supposed to ask for a Preparer Tax Identification Number, or PTIN.  Properly licensed professionals all have them from the IRS.  They have to be registered and certified, and complete yearly training hours.

    #3.)  Your refund isn't deposited into your bank account.  Some scammers will tell you they need to collect your refund first, and then pay you out after they've collected their fee.  An honest company charges you a flat fee and lets the IRS pay you directly.

    #4.)  They charge a percentage of your total refund.  It should be a flat rate, period.  Otherwise the preparer has an incentive to maximize your refund, even at the cost of taking bad deductions.

    #5.)  They have a bad record with the Better Business Bureau.  Anyone who does your taxes has enough information to steal your whole life.  The least you can do is make one phone call to see if they've gotten in trouble before.


    If you don't want to do your own taxes, the best thing is to go with a big national company that's been around a long time.  And don't wait until the last minute.  That way, if something doesn't seem right, you still have time to look for someone else.

  • What Sports Tickets are the Costliest?

    Posted by Rachel Reinke

    You know how basically every sports team out there has those fanatic followers who are at every game and will do anything and everything to make sure they never miss those big events.  They paint their bodies with team colors and create banners to show support for their favorite team.  They are willing to pay extreme amounts to go to the Super Bowl or NCAA Men's College Basketball Final Four. 

    Sure they are shelling out cash and are probably millionares anyways, but have you ever wandered how much those tickets actually cost?  What major sporting event has the costliest tickets?

    SURPRISE! It's not the Super Bowl.  The average cost for a ticket to the Super Bowl is $1,210 which is still way out of my price range, but doesn't seem like much when you compair it to this sporting event.........

    Yep, The Masters is the most expensive ticket in all sports coming in at $4,486 if you want to catch all four days of the action at the legendary grounds of Augusta.

    Once you're in you can open up that wallet a bit as a glass of beer is just $3 and the famous pimento cheese sandwich is only $1.50.  Although you will probably be having several of each of those.

    So if you want to check going to Augusta, Georgia to see The Masters off your bucket list you better start saving now.

    I guess I will stick to the television version.

  • 5 Things That Can Get You Fired

    Posted by Rachel Reinke

    A lot of people think they could never be fired, because they're good at their job.  But being incompetent isn't the only reason people get pink slipped.

    There are a lot of things that can get you fired, but here are the top 5 normal things that can get you fired according to monster.com


    #1.)  Being Indiscreet About Looking for a New Job.  Meaning, don't search for jobs while you're on the clock, because anyone could walk by, see your screen for a split-second, and immediately know what you're up to.

    Also, you should never apply for a job or send a resume from your work computer, because you're probably being monitored by I.T.


    #2.)  Gossiping.  Plenty of people do it all day long and don't get fired.  But all it takes is one poorly timed comment while your boss is nearby.

    Plus, if you gossip a lot, other people are probably gossiping about YOU.  And any negative comments your boss hears . . . even if they're not true . . . could prevent you from getting a promotion down the road.


    #3.)  Taking Too Many Personal Phone Calls.  Again, if you're on the clock, you're expected to be working.  Not planning your cousin's baby shower, or talking about March Madness with an old college buddy.

    You might get away with it a few times.  But once it's obvious that you're wasting a lot of time, you'll at least get pulled into your boss's office for a talk.


    #4.)  Surfing the Web Too Much.  This goes hand-in-hand with the last one.  If your company doesn't automatically block certain websites, you're lucky.  But if you abuse it, they WILL eventually block them.  Or they'll just can you.


    #5.)  Alienating Your Coworkers.  You don’t have to be the most popular person in the office.  But you at least have to have a working relationship with everyone.

    If friction with coworkers starts to become a trend, you might end up getting replaced by someone who DOES work well with others.