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  • Did You See Will Ferrell's Super Bowl Ad?.....Probably Not

    Posted by Rachel Reinke

    Did you see that Old Milwaukee Super Bowl ad where WILL FERRELL made out with an older Asian lady on a bus? 

     --No, you probably didn't . . . because it only aired in three tiny markets:  Sherman, Texas . . . Ardmore, Oklahoma . . . and Glendive, Montana.

    Fair warning: This ad might be as equally disturbing as the GoDaddy.com commercial with Bar Refaeli.

    AND I don't understand what point they are trying to get across in this ad at all.


  • What Was Your Favorite Super Bowl Commercial?

    Posted by Rachel Reinke

    So many to choose from, but if I had to rank my favorite commercial from last night it would be this one......


    I love that lil' red M&M!

    What was your favorite commercial?

  • Gavin Degraw - Soldier

    Posted by Rachel Reinke

    Gavin DeGraw is amazing and this music video for "Soldier" is OUTSTANDING!

  • Are You Eating Wings the Wrong Way? (VIDEO)

    Posted by Rachel Reinke

    I LOVE WINGS!  And being Super Bowl weekend, nothing sounds better than watching the game with some drinks and devouring wings!

    It turns out though, that I (along with most of you probably) have been eating wings wrong.  I didn't realize there was a right and wrong way to eat wings!

    According to the National Chicken Council's 2013 "Wing Report" ... which is a real thing ... over 1.23 BILLION chicken wings will be scarfed down over Super Bowl weekend. 

    And if you think you know how to eat them, prepare to have your MIND BLOWN.  Some chef posted a video online that shows how to do it without wasting any meat.  It's actually pretty simple, but the video show's exactly what to do.

    If it's the drumstick kind that only has one bone in it, you're probably doing it right already.  But if it's the kind with TWO bones, there's a way to pull both of them out, so you don't have to eat around them.

  • YOLO....It's a Cautionary Tale

    Posted by Rachel Reinke

    Did you miss Saturday Night Live this past weekend? Then you missed this and it's definitely worth watching.


  • 10 Things Better Than Money

    Posted by Rachel Reinke

    I came across an article the other day that actually made me feel better about that fact that I am not a millionare.   In this day and age, as well as this economy I think we all strive to have and make more money because we think and feel that it might make our lives easier.  Although most people would agree that money actually CAN buy happiness,  here are 10 things that are better than money from Yahoo! Small Business Advisor.


    1.  Life - You are alive and that itself is a miracle.  As the old saying goes, "every day above ground is a good day."

    2. Health - Start thinking as having health as something good that's happening to you rather than thinking of illness as something bad that happens to you.

    3. Purpose - You have a place in the world and your actions make it a better place.

    4. Friendship - Almost everyone has friends, whether you speak every day or have lost touch over the years.  It's never too late to reconnect.

    5. Family - Having a close relationship with your family can be one of the deepest sources of happiness.

    6. Self-reliance - Feeling secure and knowing that you can count on yourself to accomplish what you need to creates quiet but potent happiness.

    7. Community - Support from a wider group makes you more aware that you are part of something greater than yourself.

    8. Gratitude - Be thankful for the wonderful things in your life, rather than focusing on what you don't have or what's out of reach.

    9. Laughter - Have you ever tried to laugh and be miserable at the same time?  It's impossible. 

    10. Love - Does this one really need an explanation? 


  • Top Gun in 3D!

    Posted by Rachel Reinke

    Is anyone else as excited about this as I am?  I know that many people criticize Hollywood for not being able to come up with "better" movies, but I think there are so many great movies (like Top Gun) that would be absolutely AMAZING in 3D!  I think Top Gun 3D is going to bank some major money again!


    Top Gun 3D is only in theaters for a limited time in February.  In case you forgot how awesome it was back in 1986, here's the trailer.

  • What Do Women Want? The Top 10 Things Women Want Most

    Posted by Rachel Reinke

    First of all, let's say that this survey completely threw me for a loop.  If someone randomly comes up to me and asks, "What do you want most?" I'm going to first look confused and then respond with "You mean in life? Right now? To Eat?".  C'mon, this question is tough but I guess those women who took this survey vary differently from me, what about you? 

    According to a survey by a British supermarket chain called Sainsbury's, these are the 10 things women want most:  

    #1.)  Cuddling with their partner.

    #2.)  Comfortable underwear.  

    #3.)  Someone telling them they've lost weight.

    #4.)  Making someone ELSE happy by giving them a present. 

    #5.)  Sexy underwear:  Which finished three spots BELOW comfortable underwear.

    #6.)  Finding a bargain.

    #7.)  Getting flowers.  

    #8.)  Getting a present:  Which finished four spots BELOW giving a present.

    #9.)  Being told she looks younger than she really is. 

    #10.)  Getting a compliment from a stranger about how she looks.


    --But that's not ALL women want.  The survey actually compiled a list of the top 50 things women want most.  Here are five OTHER things from the list that might surprise you . . .

    #1.)  They would rather win an ARGUMENT . . . which was in 28th place . . . than have a day at a spa, which was 31st.

    #2.)  They'd rather eat cheese . . . which was 39th . . . than go on a first date, which was 41st.  

    #3.)  They'd rather have someone ask them where they bought their clothes . . . which was in 12th place . . . than have someone cook them a meal, which was 17th.

    #4.)  They'd rather have clean teeth . . . which was 15th . . . than have someone compliment them on their children, which was 23rd.

    #5.)  And bad news for guys:  Women would rather get a new purse . . . which was 33rd . . . than a new push-up bra, which was 50th


    None of these things make the list of "what I want most".  So I ask, "What do you want most"?


    Top 5 Things Rachel Wants Most

  • Can You Pass the Written Exam to Get Your MN Drivers License?

    Posted by Rachel Reinke

    So I am in the process of getting my MN drivers license and I found out yesterday that I have to pass the written part of the exam in order to do so.  I took the test 10 years ago!!!!  So I got the Minnesota Driver's Manual and have just begun to study for the exam that I will be taking TOMORROW!  I have also been taking some practice quizzes that I found online and have been struggling with some of the questions.  Hoping I will pass tomorrow, but see for yourself. 


    Take one of the practices quizzzes here -------------> http://driving-tests.org/minnesota/

  • Want to Avoid the Flu?......Stop Touching Your Face

    Posted by Rachel Reinke

    You probably don't realize how much you touch your face, (but now you will).   And during this particularly NASTY flu season, you really SHOULD try to pay attention.

     --Apparently, a good way to keep yourself from getting the flu is to stop touching your face so much.

     --The average person touches their face three times an hour.  And since you're not washing your hands three times an hour, you may be infecting yourself with the germs on your hands without even realizing it. 


    Here are some other steps to keep in mind to avoid the flu.

    - Avoid close contact:
    When you are sick, keep your distance from others to protect them from getting sick too

    - Stay home when you are sick:
    You will help prevent others from catching your illness

    - Cover your mouth and nose
    Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue or sleeve when coughing or sneezing

    - Wash your hands
    Washing your hands often will help protect you from germs. Use of an alcohol-based hand rub is also an effective way to protect against germs

    - Practice other good health habits
    Get plenty of sleep, by physically active, drink plenty of fluids and eat nutritious food