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  • Arachnophobia? You Might Want to Skip This. (VIDEO)

    Posted by Rachel Reinke

    --Last week, in Santo Antonio da Platina in southern Brazil, it RAINED SPIDERS.  Seriously.

    --According to a biologist, the spiders are a species that have massive colonies and weave huge sheets of webs together.  So it looked like they were raining . . . but really it was just a ton of spiders weaving big sheets of spider webs.

  • And Here are Your 2013 Winter Frolic Queen Candidates

    Posted by Rachel Reinke

    Craig and I got to chat with the candidates for 2013 Winter Frolic Queen today on the Early Morning Show.  It's going to be quite the pageant with these girls.


    Listen to the full interview here.

    2013 Winter Frolic Interview

  • Quick Thinking Reporter...Way to Go!

    Posted by Rachel Reinke

    -A reporter from Channel 6 in Orlando named Jessica Sanchez was on Bourbon Street in New Orleans for a Super Bowl countdown segment.  And in the middle of it, some drunk woman got behind her and started yelling.



    --And instead of trying to ignore it, Jessica asked the woman if she wanted to do an interview.  Then when she said yes, Jessica explained that it was a segment on STD rates and asked, quote, "So, how long have you had an STD?"


  • Are You Using These Words On Your Resume?

    Posted by Rachel Reinke

    If you are then you might want to think about ditching them for some specific examples.

    According to a survey of hiring managers by OfficeTeam, these are seven phrases you should avoid putting on your resume, because they're OVERUSED and MEANINGLESS.  Here they are, along with the ways to REPLACE them.


    #1.)  "Highly qualified."  Instead, you should list specific qualifications.

    #2.)  "Hard worker."  Show how meeting deadlines and handling a large volume of tasks PROVES you work hard.  

    #3.)  "Team player."  Give examples of how you worked well with other people.

    #4.)  "Problem solver."  Highlight a problem you were able to solve.

    #5.)  "Flexible."  Mention a major change you responded to at your job.

    #6.)  "People person."  Again, you should give a SPECIFIC example instead of just saying it.

    #7.)  "Self-starter."  Show how you took action without being prompted.

  • Lab-a-Lion

    Posted by Craig

    This guy was walking down the street in Norfolk, VA and prompted 4 911 calls because people had thought a baby lion had escaped from the nearby zoo.

    The dog is a Labrador-poodle mix . . . also known as a labradoodle.  The owner went to Old Dominion University in Norfolk, and their mascot is the lion, so he had his dog groomed with a dyed MANE and puffy lion tail.

  • Now that's a BIG tree

    Posted by Craig

    It's not going in the front yard Rusty.....

    Kruger says his initial attempt was blown down by the wind, so he had to get up and fix it firmly to his roof

    A guy used two trees to make it look like his tree was bursting through the roof!

    What will Santa Claus think? Kruger's clever idea gives them impression that his Xmas tree has busted through his roof

    Now that's Christmas spirit!

  • Home Free Live in Studio..

    Posted by Craig

    The Group Home Free was live in the studio this morning performing some samples for tonight's Christmas concert at the Hibbing High School Auditorium.

    Home Free on WTBX

    Show starts at 7 p.m., is only 10 dollars, and a fundraiser for the High School Choir. Check out one of the numbers they did....


    Home Free Live in Studio

  • Now this is worth watching...

    Posted by Craig

    If you like music you have to check out this video mashup! It's a little long but it worth watching.

  • Santa Come HERE!

    Posted by Craig

    An anonymous businessman from Kansas City, Missouri wants to be known as "Secret Santa" and is traveling the country for the holiday season . . . to give away $100 bills.


    --He started with 1,000 of them . . . and he's going to give them all away.  That's a total of $100,000.  


    --He's been to San Diego . . . Chicago . . . and Charlotte, North Carolina.  And last week he hit the New York City area to give money to victims of Superstorm Sandy.     

    --He travels with a security team of former cops and FBI agents . . . since he's carrying a lot of cash on him.


    --And he's been doing it for the last five years.  He replaced another Kansas City businessman named Larry Stewart, who gave away more than a million dollars in $100 bills before he died in 2007.