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A family dog helps a man with alzheimer's

by Charli McKenzie

A New Mexico woman whose father lost most of his speech due to Alzheimers, says spending time with the family pet has made it possible for him to hold short conversations.

The womans father was diagnosed with Alzheimers about four or five years ago, but only began to lose his speech in the last six months to a year.

She has written about the familys struggle with the disease on her blog, but she recently posted a video to YouTube and Reddit that moved thousands of strangers to share their own stories with Alzheimers and dementia as well.

The woman says that her father has cooed at dogs, but the video captured the moment that he began to clearly speak to their family dog, Roscoe, in complete sentences.

Within a day, people started emailing and posting thousands of comments on Redditt, and the clip has been viewed over 162,000 times.