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He's HAD IT with people who text and drive!

by Charli McKenzie


A man in San Francisco is tired of TWITs (people who text while in traffic). So he’s heading up a project that takes photos of the texters in action and then he posts them on Facebook and a blog.

He has also been paying to have them slapped on billboards.

The man says it’s nothing against the people themselves. He just wants to grow the project to the point where it could both raise awareness and “change behavior.”

TWIT was born out of his own observations of distracted drivers during his daily commutes as a passenger, either in a carpool or on a shuttle. He started seeing how much texting was going on the freeway and it blew his mind.

He claims that for every nose picker, he would see 20 people texting.

So far, he has spent his own money to fund 11 billboards with the photos he’s snapped. He’s hoping to attract agencies that are interested in preventing distracted driving to help fund the project and he’s been encouraging other observers (passengers only) to submit photos to the collection.