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Home Remedies

by Charli McKenzie


For centuries, honey has been used to treat skin wounds and burns and now its used in hospitals around the globe to deal with skin infections.

When honey comes into contact with damaged skin, it triggers the production of antibacterial hydrogen peroxide, and using honey or sugar on a cut can deprive the bacteria of water, which ultimately destroys them.


A bite from a gnat, midge, mosquito or even an ant will normally cause a red lump that turns itchy because of a mild allergy-like reaction.

Two possible ways to avoid scratching involve using teabags and oatmeal.

Allow a hot tea bag to cool and then apply the liquid to the sting site to relieve inflammation and reduce the swelling.

The other method is to mix uncooked oatmeal and water into a paste and apply to the itchy area directly to help reduce inflammation and have a cooling effect on the bite.


Cucumber can bring relief to sore, sunburned skin because it contains vitamin C and caffeic acid which both have anti-inflammatory effects that reduce the irritation.

While many foods contains vitamin C, its the combination of these compounds that works best together with the cooling effects of the cucumber

Plain yogurt on a sunburn. Not flavored just plain. Get in the shower rub it on your sunburn and then rinse off. The burn will be red but the sting will be


Eating a banana when youre hungover helps raise depleted sugar levels, which may be low because the liver is busy processing alcohol instead of sugar.

The banana slowly releases the sugar into the bloodstream and its also gentle on the stomach, which may be irritated by the alcohol.


Slice, raw red potatoes, cold and put them on your eyes to cure welder's eyes..let it sit for 20-30 minutes