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Is The Worst Game Show Contestant Ever?

by Charli McKenzie

A college student was able to guess all the letters in a puzzle on the "Wheel of Fortune" and would have won $1 million... but he couldnt pronounce the answer correctly.

The freshman at Indiana University was given more than one opportunity to win large prizes, but he kept screwing up.

He had the puzzle 'The Mythological Hero Achilles' right in front of him but instead of pronouncing it the proper way he said 'A-chill-us.'

He would have won $1 million had he pronounced the answer correctly.

Later on in the game, he had the opportunity to win a car, all he had to do was guess the M and the N in the phrase 'The World's Fastest Man.' Yet again, he dropped the ball. He had one more opportunity to solve a puzzle, but instead of saying 'on the spot decision' he said it was 'on the spot dicespin'!

He still managed to win with the most points during his episode.