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Broccoli is not edible and other food notes from today's show

by Ken Lanphear

Ran across this little food tidbit and used in on the show with a listener in our "Beat The Toaster" segment.

This week, a celebrity (unknown), will be the first person to eat a hamburger made entirely out of meat grown in a lab.  The 5 ounce synthetic hamburger will make it's debut  at a culinary festival in London.

Yes, it appears the era of the test tube burger may be upon us.

If this is practical, it could provide an infinite number of possibilities for feeding a growing, hungry world while preserving animal life and perhaps natural resources, too.  I'm really speculating here.  I'm not a scientist.  I just play one on radio. Rim shot here.

But what other food would be valuable to our world if it could be created in a lab, safely, rather than a slaughterhouse. 

That's the question put to a listener in our "Beat the Toaster" segment with only 10 seconds to come up with five possibilities.  "Chicken" was one answer.  "Chicken" created in a lab. Scientists nodding at each other in the lab "Yes, tastes like chicken".

Broccoli was another answer.  Now, it's a little known face, maybe known only to me, that broccolis not edible.  Just because it's green and grows in the ground doesn't necessarily mean you eat it.  What the world does not need is test tube broccoli.