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It's a match! A Salad Match!

by Ken Lanphear

Well, why not?  I mean, those looking for companionship long or short term want likeminded mates, so why not get salad lovers together for love.

Yes, it's one of the newest dating sites on the Wild Wild Web.  www.saladmatch.com.  You go on line, create your profile and you're provided with possible matches which you can accept or reject on the path to finding what they call your "salad soulmate".  This is a really cool idea!

Imagine the possibilities.  Friendly debate over the relative merits of iceberg vs. arugula.  Someone to take those shaved carrots that you hate from your plate so you don't have to hide them under your napkin. Swapping vinaigrette recipes.  And, gently mocking your non-believer friends with "Try a salad once in awhile" comments.

It's a natural! Good luck everyone in finding your salad soulmate.  Ladies, just remember, not every guy can look like the Kraft Zesty Salad Dressing guy in TV!