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The easiest...and BEST BBQ Sauce you'll ever make!

by Mark Evans

This is actually an original from the kitchen of Mark Evans in Duluth! 

I LOVE to Bar-b-que!  Not grill.....there's a big difference.  Most of us grew up with Dad at the grill fixing hot dogs and burgers; and although wonderful - that's grilling, not Bar-b-que

To Bar-b-que is to slow cook the chicken, ribs, brisket....whatever....over low indirect heat for hours at a time.  It preserves a lot of the juice from the cut, and gives the meat time to absorb the smokey flavor associated with the Bar-b-que process.  There's lesson number one for the day!!

Next, you want a good tangy sauce on your bar-b-que'd meat...one that accents and works with the smoke to provide a terrific sweet and spicy taste that lasts for the entire meal (and goes well with beer, but that's another BLOG for another time."

I call this the "One Cup" method.....you'll soon see why.

In a medium size Dutch Oven over low-medium heat combine.....

1 cup Bourbon (Jim Beam works best, but any will do)

1 cup White Distilled Vinegar

1 cup ketchup

1 cup Brown Sugar

Bring this to a slow bubble and add about 6 shakes of Tobasco or your favorite hot sauce and let it simmer for about 1/2 hour.  Remove 3/4 cup from the mixture and place it in a bowl.  To the amount you removed add 2 tablespoons of Corn Starch and whisk until it's all mixed in.  Return the 3/4 cup to the rest of the sauce and stir until thick enough to cling to the meat.

You may wish to adjust a touch....but this will get you started; and it's a sauce you'll never forget how to prepare!