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Top 10 Summer Ice Cream Flavors of 2013

by Jeff Flynt

I know there's a frozen yogurt craze happening right now, but the original sweet treat to beat the heat (say that 5 times fast) is ice cream.

Those who haven't yet caught up to the fro-yo frenzy, will likely keep to their traditional two to three scoops of dairy, sugar and flavorings.

But like any other industry, there are new releases. The 10 best from the Huffington Post are listed hither.

Here are a couple of comments regarding the list.

1) Steve's Bklyn Blackout sounds AWESOME. Beer (especially stouts) can work extremely well in ice cream. (In fact, the photo above is of a Guinness Milk Chocolate Ice Cream).

2) Gelato is always great for both simple and innovative flavors. The pistachio one is simple, but the thing about gelato is that it's usually made extremely well.

3) Don't worry...there IS a Ben and Jerry's on the list.

4) Anything from Ohio I tend to be skeptical about, especially if it's named "The Buckeye State". But it actually sounds pretty good.

Go and search out some of these exciting, trendy flavors to mix up the monotony of your regular ice cream consumption.