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What I've Learned In One 5K.

by Mark Evans

Dateline Duluth, Minnesota. 

This just in.....I'm an idiot!!! 

OK, maybe not quite an idiot; but my fiance' and I are starting to prep for our second 5K run of our lives.  Without very much training and no experience, we competed the William A. Irvin 5K back in June by running the distance in 39:12.  Not bad for a first effort. 

Now that we're both a little wiser, I'm expecting a better time and fewer aches and pains once we complete the Harvest 5K with Essentia Health in October.  Here's how:

-Hydrate!!  I drank water that day, but needed more.  I have a Personal Trainer friend who says one should really start hydrating 36 - 48 hours prior to the race.  That way your body has enough fluids - without running with a gut full of water.

-Water  As tempting as Gatorade and Powerade can be....resist.  Just remember; your body is comprised mostly of water - not Gatorade.  Hydrate with what you're going to be losing.

-RUN Before our first 5K I ran.....kinda.  Now I am planning on running at least a mile every chance I get, with a two - three mile run once a week.  This way I'm building stamina without burning myself out.  I will continue this until about 5 days before the race - than I'll taper off to reserve energy.

Carbs In/Protein Out For 24 hours prior to the race, I will increase my intake of Carbs.  Carbohydrates are what you body turns into Sugar which it burns for energy - ensuring I don't run out of gas during the run.

Post race I'll have both a Protein Shake and Protein Bar ready to help recovery of muscles that get shredded by running such a distance.

Set A Goal We ran 5K in 39:12 back in June.  The goal is to hit 5K in 33:00 or less this time.