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Do you understand the words comin' out of my mouth????

by Laura Bradshaw

I thought this sort of weird thing only happened in movies.  I guess not anymore!  This woman is from Australia.  She was in an accident, which she has fully recovered from.... except for one thing; She now speaks with a French accent. 

Eight years ago, Leann Rowe woke up in Melbourne's Austin Hospital after her accident with a broken back and jaw. As her jaw began to heal, Rowe regained her ability to speak, but was slurring. Eventually the slurring transformed into a French accent – which has yet to leave. Rowe has never been to France and doesn't have any French friends – though she did study French in school. Doctors say Rowe suffers from an extremely rare condition known as Foreign Accent Syndrome, which causes people to develop an accent different from their native way of speaking. 

Since 1941 there have only been 62 recorded cases of FAS worldwide. And now there is one more....