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If gas keeps getting cheaper....I won't buy it anymore.

by Otis Day

The national average price of gasoline fell almost 14 cents to $3.38. That's the biggest drop since last November.

The average price fell in the last two weeks as refiners continued to pass on lower crude oil prices. The average price of just over $3.38 per gallon was down about 45 cents from a year ago and the two-week drop of almost 14 cents a gallon was the largest since November of last year.

But drivers should enjoy it while they can because "the price declines might be coming to an end right now."

It would take another big decline in crude oil prices to let price decreases at the pump continue.

St. Louis had the least expensive gasoline in the country at $3.01 per gallon. Drivers in San Francisco paid the most at $3.88 per gallon. 

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