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Men hate your shoes

by Otis Day

According to a survey that I read about in the dailymail.co.uk   men finds wedge shoes the least attractive on women. 

CouponCodes4u.com asked 2,103 men how they feel about their partner's footwear collection and 59% said they thought she had bad taste in shoes.

And 79% said they actually pay attention to what the girlfriends or wives wear on their feet.  The men found wedges the least attractive with 71% not liking them with Uggs coming in second with 67% not liking them... at all. 

Least Attractive Shoes as Ranked by Men

1.  Wedge shoes (71%)

2.  Uggs (67%)

3.  Crocs (63%)

4.  Platforms (58%)

5.  Flip flops (55%)

6.  Moccasins (49%)

7.  Mary Janes (42%)

8.  Ballet shoes (37%)

9.  Kitten heels (34%)

10. Sneakers (25%)