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Things guys should NEVER wear

by Otis Day

1. Fedoras

Are you my grandpa? No? Then don't do it. 

Here's me from high school wearing.....that's right, you guessed it!

2. Those diaper pants.

Even Bieber looks ridiculous in these.

3. Choker necklaces.


4. Crazy busy shoes.

Guys shouldn't care that much about shoes.

5. Running shoes as everyday shoes.

But that is not caring enough about shoes. There's a fine line for sure.

6. Capes.

What, are you Mr. Costanza's lawyer? 

7. Dangly earrings.

If you can't find one to wear, don't borrow hers. 

8. Crocs.

Even Mr. Favre looked ridiculous in them. For a few reasons. 

9. Overalls.

Especially if you have one side unhooked. 

10. Mock turtlenecks.

Don't wear real ones either. K Murphy?

11. Uggs.

Are you my 12-year-old daughter? Then don't do it. 

12. Skull jewelry when you are not in fact a sorcerer.

Oooo...you look so scary and mysterious! 

13. Duster coat.

Ok farmer Joe. 

14. A tie + vest + no shirt combo.

Like an ugly stripper. 

15. Free T-shirts from your bank

Unless you work in radio...all my shirts are free. 

16. N*t-hugging pants.

Looks like 28 cents and a thang.

17. Fake tans.

If it has fake in the word, no.

18. Wrists full of bracelets

Again, are you my 12-year-old daughter? 

19. Flat-brimmed caps.

Unless you're a rapper....no!

20. Really, anything Johnny Depp is wearing nowadays. 

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