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You think this radio thing is easy? It didn't even make the "Least Stressful Jobs" list. Did yours?

by Otis Day

Career site CareerCast.com came up with their list of the least stressful jobs of 2013. I read about it on yahoo.com

They compared 11 factors like travel, public visibility, competitiveness, growth potential, deadlines and physical demands. The lower the score, the more relaxing the job.

1. University professor-- Median salary: $62,050 in 2010.

2. Seamstress/tailor-- Median salary: $25,850

3. Medical records technician-- Median salary: $32,350 

4. Jeweler-- Median salary: $35,170.

5. Medical laboratory technician-- Median salary: $46,680.

6. Audiologist-- Median salary: $66,660.

7. Dietitian-- Median salary: $53,250.

8. Hairstylist--Median salary: $22,500.

9. Librarian--Median salary: $54,500.

10. Drill press operator--Median salary: $31,910.