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Dad's reaction to son's report card.

by Charli McKenzie

The best dad in the world isn't the one who indulges his kid in an expensive car or even turns a child's bedroom into a wannabe pilot's dream. It's this guy. Ari, a British high schooler who'd been struggling with failing math grades for a year, decided to break some good news to his father in Candid Camera fashion, and the reaction might be better than the report card. "In England you need a C (pass) to basically do anything with your life," Ari explained on his YouTube post. "I know some of you might be saying, 'Well, (a) C is nothing' but for me it was hard to get." As such, it deserved a proper reward -- and Ari's own reaction at the very end says it all. There might be some misguided dads out there, but as long as there's one like Ari's, we're OK.