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So Much Room For Activites!

by Katie Schurk

We finally gave in and gave Brody a bath in the actual tub.  It is something I had been fighting the Diesel on for a few weeks.  He wanted to keep him in his baby tub just for the purpose of saving water, but once he saw how much Brody LOVED being in the big tub, he easily admitted defeat.  Can I just tell you how thrilled I am that he is out of this tub?  The fact that we don't have to lug this thing around when we travel anywhere????  It is just so freeing :)  And just look at all of the room he now has for activities!  So many activities!

                                                    My little nugget in his tub!

                                        Yep, a little too big for his liking.

                                     Just so much room to stretch out!