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Fall cleaning... Check out the new toy!

by David Kuharski

Tis the season-- for fall cleaning!  That's just what Julie and I found ourselves doing this weekend.  And the work isn't even done yet--but working together we put a dent in the project.  Organizing, cleaning, putting stuff away, dusting, organizing, putting stuff away, consolidating-- then you do the 'hokey pokey' and turn yourself around! Yup, you know the routine.  So, there Julie and I were--in our room--plugging away on projects there.  Meanwhile, Grandma was watching the kids downstairs.  I was going through some boxes and found that--utilizing my amazing & large brain--when we moved in I had an empty box in the closet.  Serving what purpose you ask?  Ha.... you feeble minded organizer... See, while you can't see the amazing wisdom and thought process that went into my mysterious-- Not buying it?  Dang... OH O.K.  enough-- yeah, for what ever reason, wonders of wonders I had an EMPTY box in my closet.  Better yet, I didn't have a need or space for an empty box.  SO--I pulled it out, went to the staircase, looked below--and dropped the box!  Within seconds, like in a scene from outside the lion cage when the zookeeper tosses in a juicy steak for for the big cats, my kids squealed and pounced on the box!  'Wow Daddy--You dropped the box here!'  Then the other big cats, catching wind of the yummy steak, came over. 'Look it!  It's a rocket ship!'  Then Emelia proceeded to hop in the box.  I truly didn't anticipate this.  I was focused--In the moment.  I was zeroed in on the project.  As Julie might say, 'I had my blinders on'.  The box was in my way--I just moved it--and created a NEW TOY!  More fascinating was the fact that the box fell on a pile of stuffed animals.  Did the hungry lions pounce on the dollies, dinosaurs or bears?  No, they pounced on the box.  Soon, there was another emptied box.  And after making sure the landing zone was clear, I dropped it down.  And again, my cute little kiddos pounced on the box, as though GOD had delivered the box to them!  (In a sense, I guess HE did)  So, for the next hour or so the kids raced each other--battled each other--etc.  So, when you're Christmas shopping--what, just buy your kids some boxes?  No, but get ready for them to enjoy what you didn't go into debt over... but smile anyway and enjoy the moment! :-)