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Baby's First Smile

by Nikki Montgomery

A coworker who is a new dad just walked by my desk with a big sigh and said, "I miss my son I just want to go home to see him." My response was, "I know the feeling."

He said that his 4 month old son knows who he is now and it's so exciting. Everything about being a new baby is exciting even when it's the second time around. Every age is a little better than the last. 

Newborns don't really do much so things like latching on and gaining weight are the exciting things...and in my case kicking jaundice. My twins are a couple months old now and the exciting things are seeing them smile for the first time...a real honest to God happy smile. Nothing melts your heart more than a big toothless grin. They coo and giggle and are even starting to attempt to roll over. Soon they'll be trying to crawl, holding their own bottles, eating baby food, walking, saying their first word, and all sorts of other exciting things. There's so much fun to look forward to, but I don't want to wish away a minute by thinking about all that's to come. I'm all about living in the moment and soaking up every second of quality time I get to spend with them as they grow.

I felt the same way about Mia and time still flew by. Even in the rough times when she was crying and I couldn't soothe her or the times she was sick and miserable I never wished time would go faster. Nothing lasts forever. The crying will stop and the cold will go away, but those moments of holding them trying to convince them it will all be okay because Mommy's here won't last either. No matter how frustrated you get or how tired you are it's only temporary and one day when your kids are grown you'll look back at those times they cried out for you and needed you to hold them and smile.

If you are exhausted and frustrated with your little one at times it's normal, but if you are feeling depressed or ever feel like you could hurt your baby you need to talk to your doctor, you could be suffering from Postpartum Depression. It is more common they you may realize and there are good resources out there to help you. If you have questions about Postpartum Depression you can always reach out to the staff at Ministry Saint Michael's Hospital they are happy to provide you with information.

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