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Need a photo challenge? Try taking pics in a theater...

by Dave Kallaway

It's fun and it's great practice for all your other photography..taking pictures in a theater. I take pics all the time of rehearsals of upcoming events in theaters. Why is it a challenge? Because the lights are normally wonderful "on stage" and you would be taking pics from the darkness of the seats. Plus..the performers are moving on stage..it's hard to get it right so you have good clear photos. First...get permission to go to a rehearsal. This can be for a concert, a play, or my favorite..ballet. Second..don't just walk in and start taking pictures..talk to the organizers first and if you can..the performers. They normally chill out when they know what you're up to. Then they focus on practice and not you so much. Third...try tons of stuff..use lots of settings on your camera. Try to get a good pic where the performer is frozen in a cool pose..try blurring the performer to create motion in your photos. Use different modes..Aperture, Shutter, Manual..all those to see which settings give you the look you're searching for and remember...you're practicing. Fourth..share you photos with those that let you come to the rehearsal in the first place. They might like 'em so much that they'll ask to use your pictures in their flyers, or for certain people in the performance...parents especially love pictures of their kids in plays. So take on the challenge..Take your photography to the theater!! (I took this photo at the rehearsal for "Sleeping Beauty" with Wausau Ballet at the Grand Theater in Wausau, Wisconsin)--Dave Kallaway