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What's Your Practice Subject Matter??

by Dave Kallaway

All photogs have to have a go to subject matter that helps them "stay ready." If you shoot sports or kid photography, pet photography..you have to have something you can do daily to stay tuned up. Well for me..it's shooting bird pics. I got this suggestion years ago from Moose Peterson. He's one of the great landscape, wildlife, and aviation photographers that has helped me become a better photographer. If you look at your backyard as a studio..the birds are your subjects..fire away..shoot pics galore..and for me personally..stay ready to shoot everything else. Light changes..camera settings need to change constantly..and every so often you get a seriously hard challenge like shooting pics of hummingbirds (just shot this one this weekend!!)). Find a practice subject matter and get that camera in your hand everyday..get to the point where you pick up your camera and you know your settings and get the shot...