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20 Confidence Boosters for Women

by Rachel

Despite what most men think, women are really not that hard to please. We may seem complex and complicated but there are a lot of things out there that makes us happy and they aren't too hard to come by. Sure we might spend hours at a time trying to look our best, but it is when we look our best that we feel the most confident.

A recent survey was done asking what makes women happy. Here is the list of the top 20 confidence boosters that make us women happy.

1. Receiving a compliment from a friend or partner

2. Having a really good hair day

3. Looking great in a photograph

4. Really smooth legs

5. A fabulous night's sleep

6. Cuddling. Any time, any place, any age

7. Hearing, "I love you"

8. Coming home from vacation with a golden glow

9. Being on the receiving end of a stranger's smile

10. New bras and panties

11. Being told we look young

12. A friend asking, "Where did you get that?"

13. Finding the perfect outfit

14. A child saying you look pretty

15. Waking up pimple-free

16. Wearing an outfit that reveals your favorite body part

17. Freshly-tweezed or waxed eyebrows

18. A brand-new manicure or pedicure

19. Getting asked out on a date

20. A perfect makeup job

So next time you guys are complaining that it takes too long for us ladies to get ready, review this list and understand why we spend so much time and money on looking good. IT MAKES US FEEL CONFIDENT! And confidence is sexy. Guys take note!