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Seven Small Ways to Feel Younger

by Rachel

If you are feeling old and tired on this miserable day like I am, check out these seven small ways to feel a younger from MSN Healthy Living :

1. Get more sleep . If you get at least eight hours a night, by the end of six weeks, you're supposed to have more energy.

2. Begin each meal with a fruit or vegetable, and drink lots of water. Eating healthy gives you more energy. And if 90% of the stuff you eat is healthy, you can eat WHATEVER you want for the other 10%.

3. Lift weights. When you generate stronger muscle fiber, you feel YEARS younger.

4. Be vain. Don't go crazy with plastic surgery, but there's nothing wrong with trying to look as good as you can for your age.

5. Mix up your routine. Doing the same stuff over and over basically atrophies your brain. You have try different things because your brain craves new stimulation.

6. Listen to the music you liked when you were younger . Apparently you'll FEEL younger. In one study, people who did it had better memory and overall health.

7. Be optimistic. Now that you're older you know that life can sometimes suck. But you still have to stay positive, because a good attitude is essential to feeling young.