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Wisconsin Has A LOT of Bars

by Rachel

I am so proud of my home state.....

There's something about living in the freezing, northern Midwest that clearly makes people want to drink . . . and makes people build bars to HELP those people drink.

A new study compared the number of bars in cities and states to the number of people who live there.  And one region of this country DOMINATED across the board. 

North Dakota has the most bars per capita, at one bar for every 1,621 people.  Montana came in second, Wisconsin came in third, South Dakota came in fourth, Nebraska came in fifth, Iowa came in sixth, and Wyoming was seventh.

Virginia has the fewest bars per capita, at one bar for every 64,773 people.  The rest of the bottom five are New Hampshire, Mississippi, Georgia, and Arkansas. 

And on the list of cities, eight of the top 10 cities with the most bars per capita are in Wisconsin.  La Crosse, Eau Claire, and Oshkosh are the top three.

Here's a look at how the states break down all over the U.S.

Was there really ever any question that Wisconsin couldn't out drink your state? ;-)