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In Tolzien we Trust!

by Jon Henseler

I'll tell you why we all win with Scott Tolzien getting the start this weekend and that's because this video has resurfaced and I had completely forgotten about it. It's like rediscovering an old toy from your past and remembering all the good times you had with it. Like my folks were going through their attic the other week and dusted off my old WWF action figure wrestling ring. Nostalgia city. Used to beat the absolute hell out of that puppy recreating Wrestlemania magic. Every once in a while things got a little spicy between the Macho Man figure and the Miss Elizabeth figure but that's a different story for a therapy session years down the road. But never before have I seen a starting quarterback at a major college football program come up with so much air looking for dap. Like a kicker or a punter or even a longsnapper sure, but a starting quarterback? For sure not. Wouldn't shock me one bit if Scotty has a high five spotter for Sunday for when he throws a TD just in case. Got to make sure Monday morning we're not posting a 'Nobody Loves Tolzien part deux.'

PS: Also, Scott, my man, you're a starting NFL quarterback now. Time to clean up the Facebook page brotha. Still a Badger pic, last update in 2012 and only 887 likes. Plus you've got people like Lisa here creepin' on you for all the world to see;

Hey Scott either pull this thing down or give David a call to set up a nice steak dinner with Lisa and move on with your life.

Double PS: David Puddy wouldn't have left him hanging.