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Wedding proposal at a minor league baseball game does not go as expected.

by Jon Henseler

Cue the NBA Jam 'REJECTED!' Honestly I will never understand why people propose like this at sporting events. There are a few times in life where you need to know 110% that the answer is going to be yes. Marriage proposal is one of those things. Are you legal is another but that's another blog for another day. Maybe Chris Hanson can guest blog it. And David, my man, maybe spring for the tickets to a Major League game if you're going to make this move. Marriage proposal at a minor league 

Anyway I don't know what it says about me that I laughed when she said no but it is what it is. My name is Jon and I find humor in other people's tragedy.

Also I know people are saying this is fake. The acting seems fake, the announcer seems fake, the Rock Cats I guess admitted it was fake blah blah blah. Look I don't mean to brag but I can sniff out a fake viral video like nobody's business. I am to troll videos what the Iron Sheik is to Twitter racism. This thing is the real deal. And so what if they said it was all a set up. Classic misdirection by the Rock Cats. Video goes viral, Rock Cats get promotion. Video 'exposed' as fake, Rock Cats get even more promotion and extend their internet fame another 15 minutes. Wake up folks.

PS: You know what I always think about when I'm at a Brewer/Packer/Badger/Bucks game? When there's a generic 'Kristin will you marry me?' on the jumbo tron. I just picture some poor sap at the game sitting next to his long time girlfriend whose name happens to be Kristin.

Double PS: Alright they're acting is about as good as Michael Scott's improv.