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This is just WRONG!

by Jason Miller

The sound of the ball bouncing.  The sound of the ball going through the net, swooosh.  The sounds of every breathe, that every player takes.  The sound of the crowd when you make it and the sound of the crowd when the other team misses.  The smell of the concession stand.  The smell of the ball.  The smell of all of those around you.  The excitement in your belly when the team goes on a run.  The disappointment in yourself when your players can't stop the other team.  The want to, when you lose, to just put your arm around your players and tell them that it's just a game and in the big scheme of things this means nothing.  Taking all the blame when your team loses and making sure your players get all the credit when you win.

If you have never coached, you don't get it.  If you have never played a sport you don't get it.  And if you have a debilitating disease like Parkinsons, you will remember each of those things like it was yesterday and will never forget every moment of every game and practice for the rest of your life.  You may not be able to talk about it, act it out, or even write it down but you will remember.  And to do what colleges around the country are doing to Texas A&M basketball coach, Billy Kennedy, is just cowardly.

Billy Kennedy is the Head Men's basketball coach at Texas A&M and has been diagnosed with Parkinsons just about two years ago.  In a recent article from Yahoo Sports, Coach Kennedy admits he is in the best health of his life and is not surprised, that is a, all is fair and love is war mentality of recruiting that this is happening.  Well Coach Kennedy I will be surprised for you then.  I will then take over the role of being pissed off for you. I will take on the role of wanting to punch someone for doing this to you.  It's a great thing that Coach Kennedy is approaching the subject in the matter that he is.  But at the end of the day they are using his, no doubt one day debilitating disease, against him.  According to the article earlier mentioned, recruits are telling him, that they have heard whispers from opposing staffs that he may only have a year or two left on the bench.  WHAT?  Coaches in the SEC should be ashamed and the NCAA should not only look into the allegations but when they find something those coaches, because of some stupid assistant, should be fined and suspended for deplorable act.  Coaching in the NCAA is hard enough and getting recruits is even harder.  But when you have ass. coaches, yes I meant to use the abbreviation, acting in this fashion there needs to be action taken.  

As someone in a wheelchair, I am saddened that even in 2013 we will take ones short comings and use it against them even though we know it's WRONG.  This puts a negative mark on NCAA basketball for allowing it. And puts a Scarlet Letter on the SEC and other coaches in the NCAA for doing this.

Stay strong Coach Kennedy, I will be watching closely this year to see how the Aggies fair.  You Coach, are a pillar of strength that people should draw from.  And from someone who is disabled, DO NOT let those BASTARDS get you down.