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FFB Advice From An Almost Champion: Waiver Wires

by Joe

Week 1 is finally in the books! Hard to believe that football is finally back, but we have another 3 months of it so get excited! If you're Fantasy team is like mine and underachieved on Sunday/Monday well you're in luck because now you can pick up players who are free agents in your league along the waiver wires. Depending on how you did this week (and your league) you might not get first dibs on the player you want but if you do, here are a few that you should look at picking up for this next week:

(Photo of my friend passing out at 4pm this past Sunday)

1. Julius Thomas, TE Broncos

Thomas exploded on Thursday against the Ravens and it looks like he could be a prominent target for Peyton Manning all season long. He's a converted basketball player, like Antonio Gates, so his size and speed will help in the future. He had two touchdowns and over 100 yds receiving so this is a solid pick up if your TE looked miserable.

2. Jared Cook, TE Rams

Can't get Thomas? This is the next best thing. Cook will act as a security blanket for Sam Bradford just like he did in the win against the Cardinals all season long. He had two touchdowns and more receiving yards than Thomas, but with Thomas having Manning as his QB and Bradford being somewhat unproven, this will be a solid backup plan.

3. Kellen Winslow, TE Jets

I know what you're thinking: 1) he loves NFL tight ends and 2) why in the HELL would I pick up a Jets player this season? Relax, I'll explain. The Jets are starting Geno Smith for however long and if Mark Sanchez even gets to play then Winslow will be the security for both QB's, just as Cook will be Bradford's blanket. Winslow had seven catches for about 80 yds and a touchdown in the comeback win over Tampa Bay on Sunday. 

4. Julian Edelman, WR Patriots

If you're one of the people who didn't get caught up in the hype of Danny Amendola then you're in luck because it looks like he might be getting injured and missing some games at some point in the season. Enter Edelman, who had seven catches for 79 yds and two touchdowns for Tom Brady on Sunday. Oh, and his QB is Brady who seems to make all of his receivers a lot better. This is a good pick up to supplement your team until a star receiver decides to show up (i.e Roddy White or Mike Wallace). 

5. Joique Bell, RB Lions

We all got to see what Reggie Bush was capable of in a Lions uniform on Sunday but the best kept secret is the power back that is Bell. He'll be getting goal line carries all season and had two touchdowns as a result of it. Another thing that makes Bell a solid pickup: he can catch out of the backfield, having six catches for 60+yds on Sunday.

If you're team isn't in need then congratulations! But it is only Week 1 so you don't have to make too many roster moves yet. Sometimes you can let a player build and develop on your team. Look at Joe Flacco's post season last year compared to his regular season. Good luck and we'll talk again on Thursday with the very first "Start 'Em/ Sit 'Em" for this week. 

Just Plain Joe is a die hard fan of the Atlanta Braves, Dallas Cowboys, Orlando Magic, and Michigan State Spartans. Want to talk to him more about Fantasy Football? Comment below or follow him on Twitter .