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The Latest In Crappy Officiating

by Tom King

The Badgers went to the desert and went toe-to-toe with a very good Arizona State team and then after getting a big defensive stop, Joel Stave led Wisconsin into game-winning position for a chip shot FG. According to coach Gary Andersen he did as they practice...centering the ball so the refs can set it quickly and they can spike it. The official, for what ever reason, claimed the ball was live and Arizona State fell on it. Game over. The PAC-12 will do a cursory review of the officiating crew...maybe give them a slap on the wrist and claim that human error will always be a factor in games. That is true...but in the big money world of D-1 football, when an error like that can mean a difference of millions of dollars depending on what bowl you get to play in...you would hope that this officiating crew would face at least a loss of a game check or the loss of a chance to work a bowl game. I'm not holding my breath. It seems when a Badger state team goes west of the Rockies, chances are good they get screwed.

Chris Borland has the proper perspective...he said the Badgers will look ahead and not let that defeat ruin the season. The badgers are at Camp Randall against Purdue this Saturday. The Boilermakers looked good against Notre Dame.

Aaron Rodgers showed why he is the best QB in the game. 480 yards and four touchdowns all with a stiff neck. It tied a franchise mark for passing yardage and their overall offensive yardage was 2nd in Packer history. Too bad about Eddie Lacy and his concussion but James Starks took advantage of a chance to play and came up big. The defense also brought the pressure on RG3. An all around good day.

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Carlos Gomez is having a spectacular year for the Brewers. He robbed another home run yesterday...his fifth of the year...more than anyone has had in 10 years major league baseball. If he doesnt win a Gold Glove this season they should just retire the award. And it was another walk-off win for the Crew on a Sean Halton homer. They start a series with the Cubs tonight.