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Kickball Rocks!

by Cade

It's like a family reunion of sorts.  Every late July it's time to get the team back together for Rec League Kickball.  It's an opportunity to reconnect with people you only see during kickball season.  And, it's a chance to relive your playground memories well into adulthood.

Some scoff at the idea of playing a child's game.  I for one, enjoy it greatly.  I'll never make it in the big leagues for baseball, but this is my chance to feel like a big-leaguer.  It's not at all a serious game and the final score rarely matters.

It's more about getting out of the house and having some fun on the ball diamond.  It's about teamwork and imagining yourself on SportsCenter after a great play.

Anybody can play kickball.  Teams range in age from 18 to 80.  Girls can bunt, guys cannot.  A sound strategy and well executed fundamentals will almost always trump a powerful leg or a great play.

The worst that can happen is a strained muscle or skinned knee.  A badge of honor, if you ask me.

Not to mention, beer drinking is encouraged.

Kickball rocks. 

*image courtesy of spinnerin via Wikimedia Commons