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The Ladies Man Demoted

by Nick Vitrano

I know I’m not the only one out here who has wondered – “What ever became of Leon Phelps?”  He had it all – the look, the voice, the girl, the show.  But since 2000, yeah it’s been that long (#MakesYouFeelOld), the Ladies Man has fallen off the planet. 

Rejoice, Phelps fans!  The good news is he’s been found.  Unfortunately it appears he’s been demoted.  I don’t know the timeline, but somewhere between then and now, Phelps’ mainstream on-air run came to a close.  Left?  Fired?  Don’t know.  Probably fired.  But somewhere in there Phelps arrived on the college radio scene, calling women's hockey.  He's lost a lot of the suave from his delivery, but the artistic license with the English language remains.  

Grab a Courvoisier and enjoy the “puncheses.”

Don’t you love the kid in the shot who starts jumping up and down uncontrollably?  Awesome.