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'Batman: Black and White' and other news

by Greg Belfrage

Batman continues to be hotter than ever. There's all kinds of Batman activity in multiple media fronts.

Batman: Black and White #2 will be available digitally and in print on Wednesday. Check out the very cool retro-style preview below!

"The Dark Knight Returns (Deluxe Edition)" is now available at iTunes. The download features an all new Frank Miller documentary.  I highly recommend this animated feature! It's incredibly faithful to Frank Miller's original graphic novels and Peter Weller is perfect as the voice of the aging Dark Knight. This is a "must see" for any Batman fan.

Photo credit: DC Comics Facebook
A new episode of "Beware the Batman" airs tomorrow morning on Cartoon Network.  Anarky steals a valuable object from the League of Assassins and pins the blame on Batman. Check out the preview! "Beware the Batman" toys are also now available in McDonald's Happy Meals!  Packaged sets are also available on eBay

"Scribblenauts Unmasked - A DC Comics Adventure"  is now available. More details HERE   The game features all of DC's classic characters drawn in the classic Scribblenauts art style. I'm unlikely to buy the game, but got a kick out of the Scribblenauts retake of Batman #1!

Photo credit: Batman Facebook

Greg Belfrage is an avid Star Trek fan, serious Batman toy collector and hopeless geek. He hosts the morning show on KELO Newstalk 1320 AM / 107.9 FM.