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So You Say Libraries Are a Thing of the Past?

by David Kuharski

Maybe this will look like a page from the 80s, but my kids and wife enjoy going to the library.  For some reading this, you might say, 'So what? Libraries are cool.'  Others might say, with their iPad or Kindle--what need do they have for the library?  You want to read a specific book?  Go online and get it!  No sweat!  Or maybe with that iPhone you believe you can take care of the research you need to do for work--again--online. 

That's why my kids love for our library is all the more sweet to me.  When I was a kid I went to the library.  But the difference is, I read a quarter of all those books I checked, ran late with some--lost another--and paid a hefty price.  My wife is pretty good at reading all of the books in the stack--and the kids regularly rotate through the VCR tapes they check out ... er... uh-- DID I say VCR?  Woops... there goes my membership on this blog (what if I said it was a Beta vision or Super VHS deck?--will that keep me in good graces?)

Recently I read an article about how libraries struggling with finding their identity were turning to 'out of the box' ideas--like garden seed sharing.  I applaud these ideas.  Very cool. 

But, library lovers hold a on a sec' before you go plowing over half the parking lot to plant a garden to harvest seeds... read this article and you too will feel better about the future...