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Broken Teeth

by Lauri Loewenberg

Dear Lauri,

Last night had this weird one that my back teeth broke open and I was struggling to get a dentist appointment. They kept flopping in my mouth. My two back teeth. I kept pushing them with my tongue to keep them in place until a dentist came, which never did. That is by far the strangest I've had in a while. Scared to hear what this might be. Laura 45, Nashville, TN

Lauri: Teeth dreams are usually about communication in real life. Since you had this dream last night it is connected to a current communication issue. Is there anything you've been wanting to say lately but are having to hold yourself back just as you were trying to hold in your teeth in the dream? Or is there something you said but you are afraid it is going to cause problems? The dentist is your ability to fix the communication issue, to say what needs to be said in the correct manner. Since the dentist never arrived, I am going to assume you havent figured out the best way to approach this issue yet. So take the wise lesson your dream is giving you, think very carefully before you allow things out of your mouth.

Laura replies: True enough. I think it may be my communicating with my son. I never thought if it until you said that. It hit a crescendo two days ago. I have been really stressed about not being able to reach him one on one. He is slipping academically and athletically beyond his capabilities. He always seems to take the path of least resistance lately, to the tenth degree! Damn Lauri, no wonder you do what you do! Maybe I need to take a step back and reevaluate. Just BREATHE! It is so hard sometimes though.

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