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LOOK AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!!! The World's Scariest Bunny

by Rachel

This image will forever be lodged in my brain, I mean there is no way you can unseen this bunny.

This bunny discovered down near Mankato here in Minnesota has gone viral over the web. Gunnar Boettcher is a college student and he and his brother posted pictures and video of what they are calling the "Frankenstein Bunny" on the Internet.

The growths or tumors that look like horns coming out of this bunny's heads are deemed by wildlife experts as a possible papilloma virus that could be a form of cancer. Apparently, it is not that uncommon in bunnies but never been seen on their heads.

Generally, this is fatal and the DNR is just going to let nature takes its course.

No matter what it is, it is definitely disturbing and I'm not too comfortable knowing this is just south of the Northland in Makato.